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Inputs are due no later than Sunday each week, 6 days prior to the weekend to be assigned.  

Your availability is due every Sunday throughout the season 6 days prior to the weekend.  Our Assignor will work to publish assignments on Monday prior to the weekend.  You will receive an email advising you of an assignment.  You need to accept or decline this assignment within 24 hours.  If you decline the assignment, you’ll need to provide a reason.  There will likely be assignments coming out again on Tuesday or Wednesday for games declined.  

Please check your email daily to facilitate this process.

  The schedule will be final on Thursday leading into the weekend.

You should be using the GameOfficials website at to input your weekly availability and accept your assignment(s).  This is the same website used to enroll in your certification classes.   

PAYMENTS: Go out twice a month, right around the 1st and the 16th of each month for games worked in the previous two weeks.  If you chose direct deposit, then you should see it credited to your account within two business days.  Otherwise, a check (less $3) will appear in your mailbox in 3-4 days.  We do not pay cash at the field as some leagues do.

Here’s what you need to do INITIALLY to set up your account to Peachtree City Lazers.

STEP 1a:  Go to the Game Officials website and login.

STEP 2a: Go to “My Assignors” and select “Join New Group” and join with the following info.

            Group/Assignor Number: 1245

            Group Access Code: ptclazers

THEN FOR SUBSEQUENT LOGINS … and to submit availability each week.

STEP 1b:  Go to the Game Officials website and login.

STEP 2b: Go to “Change Identity” to set “Peachtree City Lazers” to "current" by selecting "switch" abeam the league within the "Assignment Systems Identities" box. You will need to do this everytime you login.

 If you do not see "My Availability" under the Personal Information column on the left side, then redo STEP 2b again until you do.  Usually no more than 2x is required to complete this step.

 Note: If "switch" is displayed abeam "Peachtree City Lazers", you will NOT see "My Availability" in the left column of the website page.  You must see "current" displayed abeam our league.

STEP 3b: Go to “My Availability” and input for the weekend in question.  You can update earlier submitted availability.  You will work on one day at a time.  It may default to “All Day”.  You can indicate just a portion of the day by unchecking this “All Day” box.  Make sure “PTC Lazers” is selected.

Please do not indicate you are available if there is a reasonable chance you may not be.  It would be better to submit availability LATE than to submit erroneous information on time.  Be careful about listing availability well in advance as your schedule may change and then you forget to update this site.  

If you are inside the "6 days prior" to the weekend when availability is due AND you make any updates, please send an email to Matthew Pearce (email [email protected] to alert him to your updates.

You will be notified by email of your assignments.  DO NOT make any changes to the schedule without first coordinating this with the Assignor, Matthew Pearce. Make every effort to reach Matthew if you see a scheduling problem.  Try to reach an adult referee at the field for last minute "no-shows".

STEP 4b: Go to “My Preferences” to complete as necessary

            “Game/Team conflicts” (that would for you or your sibling as a player on a team)

            “Misc Pref/Notes”

                        “Max Games/day”  (ie 2, 3 or 4)

                        “Location Preferences” (ie Glenloch over PAC)

                        “Schedule Preferences” (not normally used)

                        “Team Preferences” (list any conflicts with siblings’ teams)

Copy these preferences in a clear text email to Matthew Pearce (Assignor) at [email protected] 

STEP 5: Go to “My Payments” to setup how you want to receive your payments.  You will be paid twice a month through either direct deposit or a mailed paper check.

Note:  the account does not have to be in your name (ie a parent’s acct is okay).

            Note:  A $3 processing fee will be deducted from your payment if receiving a check.

Email is primary.  We try not to use the cell or home phone except during short notice or emergencies.  

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Why was I assigned a game that conflicted with my availability?
  Frequently the individual referee has inadvertently selected the "all day" box.  Please be careful as you input your availability.  Read the entire page and ensure your selections accurately reflect your input.

Why can’t I see "My Availability" once logged-in to the GA Referees webstie?  You won’t see "My Availability" until you have switched PTC Lazers to current under the "My Assignors" page.

How will I know my assignment is posted?  You will receive an email from Game Officials to alert you to accept/decline the assignment on the GA Referees website. Once logged-in, look under "My Games" to see your assigned games.  

What do I do if it’s game day and I can’t referee my assigned game? … or we are missing one referee within our assigned crew? Always try to contact Matthew Pearce (706-870-2243) first to solve scheduling problems; Don’t find a replacement on your own.  If unable to reach Matthew, then try to locate an adult referee at the field for help.  If necessary, plan on AR1 filling in as CR and using a club linesman to complete your crew. Follow up with an email to Matthew to report all schedule changes. 

Who do I call if I have questions about my assignments?  The assignor is your primary contact for scheduling questions. Please use email if at all possible instead of phone. 

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