If you want your child to play in an older age group, DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE. You must register in person at the RYSA office and make a special request that your child play up an age group.

Recreation Only - Player Age Group Policy
RYSA adheres to the playing age groups as set forth by Georgia Soccer as follows, and the system will automatically place your child into the correct age group.

Under 04 DOB between: (From 8-1-10 to 7-31-11)
Under 06 DOB between: (From 8-1-08 to 7-31-10)
Under 08 DOB between: (From 8-1-06 to 7-31-08)
Under 10 DOB between: (From 8-1-04 to 7-31-06)
Under 12 DOB between: (From 8-1-02 to 7-31-04)
Under 14 DOB between: (From 8-1-00 to 7-31-02)
Under 16 DOB between: (From 8-1-98 to 7-31-00)
Under 19 DOB between: (From 8-1-95 to 7-31-98)

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