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End of Season Play Day Sat. May 18. Check Schedules for your games times.

End of Season Play Day Sat. May 18. Check Schedules for your games times.

Under 16 Players (U16 Age Group)

Players born in 2004 and 2003 play in the U16 Age Group during the 2018/2019 Season.   The U16 teams may be Co-ed or divided by gender, dependent on the number of players registered in this age division.  We register the players as Co-Ed, but may create single gender (boys or girls) teams if we are able to and provide a balanced playing experience for the players and teams.  NRSA does allow school teams in the U16 age group, but it is not required that your child play on their school team.  School teams are more likely to not be co-ed.

U16 teams practice twice a week.  Both will be Team practices with practice times and days determined by the coach.  These practices usually last an hour to an hour and a half. 

U16 teams compete against teams from other soccer associations.  Most of them are located within Hamilton County, including:  Redoubt, Middle Valley, East Ridge, and Signal Mountain.  Older Age Groups may also travel outside of our County, to Bradley or Marion County facilities.  This requires that the teams play half of their games at the North River Soccer Association and half of their games, "away".  Please be prepared to travel in this age group. 

U16 games are typically conducted in an 11 vs 11 format
, however based upon the number of players that register, they may adjust to small-sided teams/games (6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8).  Each team will compete with a keeper and referees on the field.  Coaches will remain on the side-lines.  All rules of the game will be taught, including off-sides.  Some rules may be adjusted if small-sided games are played.

U16  players will use a Size 5 soccer ball.

Registration Fee:  $95.00

NOTE about Combining Age Divisions:
U16 and U18 Age Divisions will be played as either 11 v 11 or 6 v 6 (depending on the number of players registered in these Age Groups at NRSA and at the other associations).  We register as separate age groups to reduce the potential to have to mix older players with younger players, but combining IS a possibility.  Our goal is to find a way for players to play, but if combing the U16 and U18 age divisions becomes necessary and you are concerned about it, please let us know.


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