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End of Season Play Day Sat. May 18. Check Schedules for your games times.

End of Season Play Day Sat. May 18. Check Schedules for your games times.

Under 10 Players (U10 Age Group)

Players born in 2009 and 2010 play in the U10 Age Group during the 2018/2019 Season.  The U10 Age Group is typically separated by gender, and typically they will not compete against each other. 

U10 teams practice twice a week.   The practice time and day will be determined by the coach.  Practices usually last between 45 minutes to an hour.

U10 teams will typically play one game on Saturday, although we will schedule a couple of Saturdays with double headers.  (See our Make Up Game Info Tab for more details).  Games are played in a 7 vs 7 format.  Each team will play with a Keeper (goalie) and referees.  Coaches will remain on the sidelines and all rules of the game will be taught, including off-sides.

Heading is not allowed by TSSA Rules during games in the U10 Age Group, therefore heading of the ball will not be taught by coaches nor should be encouraged by parents.

U10 has a build-out line, marked on the pitch, between the penalty box and the half-line.

U10 players will use a Size 4 soccer ball.

U10 Registration Fee: $95.00

New guidelines from US Youth Soccer require the addition of a "Build-Out Line" for 7v7 play. 
The build-out line is used to promote playing the ball out of the back in an unpressured setting. When the goalkeeper has the ball, either during play or from a goal kick, the opposing team must move behind the build out line. Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate. Punting the ball is not allowed as this would defeat the purpose of the build out line and reduces the opportunity to play out of the back in an unpressured setting. After the ball is put into play, the opposing team can then cross the build out line and play can resume as normal. 
North River utilizes the midfield (half) line for the build-out line so as to avoid the addition of another line on the field that could cause confusion for players.  


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