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About All PONO

Board Members

Jon Viela | Maile Viela | Jo-Ann Ridao | Mark Vaught | Peter Delima


To instill the “Pono...Do What is Right!” values through athletics.

Guide and direct youth in developing “pono” values & character by providing them with positive opportunities to grow as productive citizens through athletics and community service programs.

All Pono was legally incorporated in the State of Hawaii as an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2007.  The purpose of the All Pono organization is to promote the meaning of “Pono…Do What Is Right”. In June of 2004, Jon and Maile Viela lost their three year old son Jrew Kupono Viela to a tragic accident.  The Vielas have two other children Jrae (13) and Jai (5).  Jon and Maile felt it was important to turn this tragic event into something positive and that is how the All Pono organization was born.

All Pono services approximately 400 children ages 4-14
All Pono originally started with 2 softball teams in 2005, the organization since has grown to 13 softball teams, 9 baseball teams, and 10 soccer teams.  It takes approximately 150 volunteers of board members, coaches, administrators, bookkeepers, and team parents to run All Pono. All Pono also volunteers in the community with various non-profit organizations such as A Keiki’s Dream and the Salvation Army.

All PONO Obligations

Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)

Parents and Coaches are REQUIRED to attend one workshop a year sponsored by All Pono which focuses on positive coaching/parenting practices.  It is MANDATORY for parents/coaches to attend one PCA workshop a year to register with All Pono.  Two free parent workshops and one free coach workshop will be offered by All Pono each year.  Parents/coaches may choose to take advantage of these free workshops or take the course online at his/her own expense. The All Pono Sports Organization appreciates the time that our volunteer coaches commit to our programs.  We will not be requiring our coaches to participate in our parent workshop, however, highly recommend that he/she attend as a parent or send his/her spouse or other family member to attend.

All Pono Fun Run/Membership Fee

New Players are expected to pay a fee of $25.00 to be a part of the All PONO Sports Organization.  Returning Players are expected to raise pledges by participating in the annual All PONO Fun Run or pay the following fees to be a part of the organization.  See breakdown below:

  • 1st child – minimum of $75.00 in pledges or $75.00 fee
  • 2nd child –minimum of $50.00 in pledges or $50.00 fee
  • 3rd child –minimum of $25.00 in pledges or $25.00 fee
  • 4th child – Free

New players entering after the Fun Run for that particular year, must pay the fee as shown above in order to participate. Players are not allowed to pay for All Pono Fee with fundraising monies.

All PONO Policies

Approach The Coach

If you need to speak with your child's coach, please ask for an appointment.  Team Moms may be able to assist you with this.  Please do not approach a coach before, during, or right after a game.  Please do not approach a coach during any practice.  Coaching requires constant focus on the development and game skills of each child.  Every coach needs to take time to refocus before speaking with parents/guardians.   Thank you for honoring this policy.

Any issue related to your child or the team should be brought up with the head coach prior to contacting administrator or the board.

If any parent issues and/or inappropriate behavior affect the team well-being and coaches in any way, All Pono will excuse  your ‘ohana from the organization.

The ROOTS of Honoring the Game

  • Rules:  We refuse to bend the rules to win!
  • Opponents:  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best!
  • Officials:  Show respect even when we disagree!
  • Teammates:  Never do anything to embarrass our team!
  • Self:  We live up to our own standards even when others don’t!

All PONO Programs

  Baseball Director
Peter Delima | (808) 268-0720 | [email protected]

Directors of Soccer
Jon & Maile Viela  |  Email

Softball Director
Mark Vaught  |  Email

  PONO Braves:
PONO Braves baseball currently includes over a hundred children ages 5 - 15.  The program boasts some of the finest players and coaches on Maui. Enrollment into the program at this point is via a waiting list. For more information click on the link below.
Find out more here...

Established in 2004 the PONO soccer program began with girls being the primary focus. These girls soon developed into the premier teams in their divisions. In 2009 the boys's got involved and have begun to become a presence on the local soccer scene.
Find out more here...

  PONO Fastpitch:
PONO softball is another cornerstone of our club. With girls in kindergarden to intermediate school participating PONO Fastpitch has already sewn up its share of league and tournament championships.
Find out more here...


All PONO Financial

All PONO Scholarships are available year-round for All PONO players who wish to seek relief from the cost of registration, uniforms, and other fees.
Download the All PONO Scholarship Application HERE.

All fundraising done under All Pono is considered organization money.  In the event that your child leaves the organization, monies that your child raised will stay with the organization in accordance with the Exemption Requirements - Section 501(c)(3) Organizations. Players are not allowed to use fundraising monies to pay for other fundraisers.  Fundraisers are for player expenses such as travel, tourney fees, etc.

An annual fun run is our means of providing scholarships for families experiencing hardships, purchasing equipment/jerseys, sponsoring Positive Coaching Alliance workshops for parents and coaches, and operational costs.

  •  Operational Costs:
    •  Professional Bookkeeper
     $4,000 per year 
    •  Insurance
     $2,500 per year
    •  CPA (for tax purposes)
     $900 (once a year)
    •  Positive Coach Alliance
     $2,500 per year
       $9,900 TOTAL


Each individual team/club generates their own needs list and All Pono helps to fund it through the funds raised from the fun run. The participation of each player in our ONLY fundraiser is crucial for All Pono to thrive!

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