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<strong>Welcome to the Valparaiso club registration system. Valparaiso requires all players who have been selected for a team to register online.<br />
1. PLEASE CREATE ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER FAMILY. One parent/guardian should fill out the New Customer Primary Contact Information and then, after creating an account for your family, you can enter the contact information for another parent/guardian and the information for each child chosen for a team. Let the other parents/guardians know your account name and password if they need access to your account for making payments.<br />
<br />
2. Each player is eligible for a competitive or recreational team based on his/her birth date. If the player plays with a team that is not his/her primary age group (a player that plays up), and you do not see that team as an option, please notify your coach. He will arrange for an adjustment of the age range of the team, and ask you to re-register. <br />
<br />
3. Once you have chosen a team for your player/participant, you must CHECK A BOX TO INDICATE WHETHER YOU ARE PAYING BY CREDIT CARD OR CHECK OR ELSE YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE INCOMPLETE, and you will have to re-register again.<br />
<br />
4. YOU MUST CHOOSE A PAYMENT PLAN of either A) one lump sum payment or B) the 3 payment plan, OR ELSE YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE INCOMPLETE, and you will have to re-register again. If you have questions or difficulties with registering your player, please contact your team manager or send questions to <a href=""></a>. Also, many of your questions may be answered in the Parent Support section at this site: <a href=""></a></strong>
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