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SCS United (est 2016) is Combination of Stars United and PA Crew Academy. SCS United is a Dick's Sporting Goods Premier Partner Club

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Sep, 2013

PA Crew Parent & Player Expectations

What parents and players can expect from the coach:
- Player Safety
- Player Development
- Maintain professional standards during training and games.
- Maintain open two-way line of communication.
- Keep expectations healthy and realistic.
- We don’t strive to win at all cost.

Player Expectations:

- Give 100% effort at all training and game activities.
- Be punctual for all training and game activities.
- Stay with the team at all times, never leave the group without permission and a teammate.
 - Be prepared with inflated soccer ball, shin guards, Crew gear and water.
- Complete all homework given.
- Playing time is earned through the training effort and performance.
- Evaluation of a player is based on ability, attitude and attendance.
- Maintain a positive attitude at all cost. - Have the confidence to speak openly to the coaching staff.
- Respect teammates, opponents, referees, adults and above all, yourself.
- Support teammates. Protect each other. Comfort each other. 
- Expect to learn and play ALL positions. 
- Superior sportsmanship is to be exhibited at all times.
- Win and Lose with CLASS.   If you win do it gracefully, not boastfully.  
- If you lose, do not allow yourself to become negative.
- Communicate with the coaching staff if you are unable to attend training session or games.
- Critical to report injuries to parents and coaches.
- Strive to be the best every time you lace up. 

Parent Expectations: 

- Learn and Respect the rules of the game.
- Conduct yourself with dignity.
- Respect your child, teammates, opponents, officials and coaches.
- Be supportive of the coaching staff and organization.
- Establish and maintain a two-way communication. 
- Conflict resolution ladder is Manager, Coach, Club Directors.
 - Be part of the solution not part of the problem.
- We win with class and lose with class, as parents you set the example.
- Maintain healthy, realistic expectations.- Recognize your role; support your child positively .
- 24-hour rule is for players, parents and coaches.
- Give your child time to debrief after a game or training session.
- With your understanding and support, we strive to be winners on and off the field.

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