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Q: Which nights will my travel player practice and play games?

A: We follow the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) playing night guidelines.  Please visit -leagues- playing nights.


2018 Spring In house

Join us on the soccer field this spring.  This program is open to 3.5 -8 year olds.  The focus is on skill development,
ball touches, and soccer FUN.  Players will be taught through structured activities, fun games, and scrimmages.   
Each of the 4 sessions will end with a small-sided scrimmage.  
SATURDAYS: May 5, 12, 19, June 2 

  - Birth year 2014/2015(Must be 3)   9:45-10:30am   Cost: $30. T-shirt included.                 
*Fun introduction to soccer, active participation, locomotor skills, and body awareness

 U6 -  Birth year: 2012/2013  9:30-10:30am  Cost: $34. T-shirt included.          
 *Basic techniques of dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, intro to game situations. 

  U8 -   Birth year: 2010/2011  10:30-11:30am  Cost  $34. T-shirt included           
 *Skill development of dribbling, passing, shooting, defending, game situations.    

 Location: Becker Athletic Complex.  In case of bad weather, an email canceling soccer will be sent out 
@8am that morning.  
Rain make up date would be June 9th. 
REGISTRATION:  Registration opens April 9th. 
1. Register on the TriCounty United Youth Soccer Website.
2. Create an account (if you don’t have one already) and fill out the registration form and pay the fee online.  
Register by April 25th.   
3. Visit our website and our Facebook page, Tri-County United Youth Soccer for additional information and updates.  

Q: Why does my child’s birthdate determine his/her travel team or program?

A: Our Association belongs to Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) we must follow their birthdate guidelines.  A child can always play up an age bracket but never down. Please visit -leagues- birth year guidelines.

Q: Why can’t game schedules be published to parents before May?

 A: Field availability is turned in the middle of April.  The schedules are distributed the last weekend in April and then given to parents.

Q: I want all of my kids to play on the same team and on the same night for my convenience. Why won’t the association allow me to do this?

A: Each child learns at a different pace which is why we have age breakdowns.  We cannot put a five year old on an eight year old team for convenience. However, if the child has been recommended by a coach to play up because of their skills, we can take that into consideration before deciding to move the player. Fees will be based on which age level team the child is on.

Q: I want my 10 year old to play on the U12 team which price do I pay?

A: You will pay the U12 team fee for the current year. This is only an option if it has been approved by a coach. It is important for kids to play at their proper age level. You are not allowed to choose this age bump on website.

Q: Why do I have to sign up on

 A: All communications will come from the website.  Please check your spam box to accept the e-mails from Blue Sombrero.  We’ll post rosters, give information to coaches, and update your account with payments quickly through the website.  All parents of participants must sign up on

Q: Why does it take more than a day to get phone call or e-mail responses?

A:  Board members are all unpaid volunteers that work outside of Big Lake.  During the soccer seasons, we will be on the fields at practices and games with our kids.  

Q: Why does it take so long to find out what team our kids are on?

A: Around 30% of our participants sign up at the last minute or try to get in after deadline. The association tries its hardest to communicate with players and tell them to get signed up early via the website, CE brochures, and flyers at school. Beginning in 2011, we are not taking registrations after the deadline. We offer several different ways to secure a spot on the team, as well as payment plans.
If some teams need extra players, we may offer a waiting list.  If you are put on a team, you will pay all late fees for uniform ordering and shipping and be responsible for an additional hour of volunteering.  It takes us one hour and several people to rush things so a child who registered late can participate.  

Q: Why do we have to get signed up so early for soccer?

A:  Most soccer clubs have sign ups in August and September for the spring travel season starting in April.  Try outs are in the winter.  This allows players to seek out other teams to be able to play.  Each team needs to be entered with the Minnesota Youth Soccer (MYSA) by March.  We make sure we have players before registering our travel teams.  If we miss deadline, the MYSA does not make exceptions.  If we enter a team and people drop out, the club still has to pay a team fee per registered player.  The fee will be paid before refunds will be issued.

Q: Why can’t I sign up with Big Lake Community Education?

A: Tri-County United Soccer Association is a non-profit 501c3.  We are two separate entities. 

Q: I missed the deadline but my child really wants to play, can I still get in?

A: If you are willing to pay late fees we will consider putting you on a waiting list.  To keep our costs down, we don’t have an inventory of uniforms available.  We have to order them and have them shipped, so we will make no guarantees your child will have this by the first game if you miss the deadline.

Q: My child decided they no longer want to play this season. When can I get my refund?

A: You can get your refund after the season is over and all invoices have been paid.  Then the board will prorate the number of weeks left in the season from the initial contact and receiving the request for reimbursement form. This includes quitting due to injuries or other medical issues.  Keep in mind this could be very hard on the travel teams for your player to drop. Please discuss this with your child’s coach before quitting.  There needs to be a certain number of players on the field and rotators to provide a safe environment.

Q: Do you have financial aide programs available?

A: Yes, we have financial aid and payment plans as well as sibling discounts.  Financial aid forms can be found on this website under the forms tab.  Please fill out a financial aid form and mail to TCU, P.O. Box 391, Big Lake, MN 55309
Payment plans are going to be available for the 2016 spring travel seasons.  Also, other arrangements can also be set up with club, and will need approval of the President and Vice-President.  
Sibling discounts-We have sibling discounts.  Travel players with siblings playing travel soccer receive more of a discount than recreation soccer due to the cost of travel program.

Q: If I become a board member or coach, will I get paid? How about a discount?

A: In 2015, the board members and most coaches are not paid positions.  U13 teams and up will potentially have a paid licensed coach, the board will decide which teams will have a paid coach, the amount to be paid, and who the coach will be. A discount for u12 and under coaches is currently on the table for board approval.

Q: Why can I only sign up for coach, assistant coach and Manager on the website for my volunteer hours?

A:  These are the 3 most important jobs that need to be filled for your team.  These are the people that need information and communicate with you before the season starts.  Several of the volunteer opportunities have to be in combination with another to complete your hours.

Q: What are some of the volunteer hours?

A:   On this website, go to home, forms, and then volunteer form.  TCU needs coaches and managers to step up right away. The first night of practices, you will be able to ask questions and sign up for volunteer hours.  The first person signed up gets the job when multiple people sign up for it.

Q: What is done with the volunteer checks at the end of the season?

A:  BLSA looks for the volunteer form with completed hours and then if your hours are completed your volunteer check is shredded. If you choose to get your check back, you will need to inform a board member at the beginning of the season. ([email protected])

** If the club starts to get bounced volunteer checks, we will raise the price of soccer and cash volunteer checks at the beginning of the season. Then after the season is over and we receive your volunteer form with completed hours, we will write out checks at the next board meeting. **

Q: Why should I have to do volunteer hours? I already paid for my child to play soccer.

A:  Every Youth Association (Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball, Hockey) requires volunteer hours.  We make ours simple and mostly on the field.  All the unpaid board members have to pay full price and put in time all year long to make sure kids have a chance to play soccer. There are many things that need to be done each season. Starting in 2015, everyone - including board members and coaches - will write out a volunteer check for $75. You have the choice to complete the volunteer hours for the program or opt out and pay the association. 

Q: What is a Club Volunteer Coordinator?

A:   The Club Volunteer Coordinator collects all the volunteer forms and spread sheets from team volunteer coordinators. The other duties are helping the board determine if teams complete their hours, sends out volunteer opportunity e-mails to team volunteer coordinators, and asks the board questions on behalf of team volunteer coordinators and parents.

Q: What is a Team Volunteer Coordinator?

A:  A Team Volunteer Coordinator communicates volunteer opportunities, provides the board with names and jobs, and assists in locating and turning in the forms of completed hours to the board for a team.

Q: What is Team newsletter writer?

A:  The Team Newsletter writer communicates with their team so everyone has the correct information.  Some ideas to add to your newsletter are player interviews, coaches corner, snack chart, at home skills and photos.  You can ask the team photographer to help assist you.  Send a copy to [email protected] or keep hard copies to turn in with your volunteer hours form.

Q: What is the Team photographer?

A:  The Team Photographer snaps pictures of the players on their team during practices and games.  They also work with team newsletter writer to provide photos.  You may put these on Facebook - Tri-County United Youth Soccer so parents can see them. 
Do not use names of players to keep our kids safe.

Q: What is field striping?

A:  Please sign up in advance for this job, so we know how many volunteers we have.  No Minors are allowed to stripe fields or run the machine. This job is pushing a striper that will spray white paint on the lines that make up our fields. This needs to be done about every week and an half to two weeks.

Q: What is the job of Field Marshall?

A:  The Field Marshall wears a vest or put cones around their chair to let the referee’s know they can come to you if a problem occurs.  Our referee’s are minors (under 18) and if a rowdy parent or out of control coach is becoming a problem, the ref might come over to you to speak on the referee’s behalf. 

Q: What is the Picture Day Coordinator?

A:  The Picture Day Coordinator communicates to team managers where and when pictures will be.  They also assist in planning the dates and times of pictures with another board member.  Picture night they keep things moving along by calling out teams and helping parents. 

Field Status

Open Open

Big Lake- Liberty Elementary School (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

BGL07 Field 2 (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

BGL08 Field 3 (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

BGL09 Field 4 (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

Liberty Elementary (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

BGL08: Liberty Field 4 (06:13 PM | 04/17/12)

Open Open

SAN01 (09:33 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

NLS01 (09:33 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

KIK05 (09:34 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

NSS22 (09:34 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

ESS05 (09:34 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

CIS05 (09:35 PM | 04/21/12)

Open Open

AHD14 (10:45 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

Cloquet Hilltop Field #2 (10:45 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

BLAE1 (10:46 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

BLA-E1 (10:46 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

CNS01 (10:46 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

Rice Lake Elementary South Field (10:47 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

NLS39 (10:47 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

Anoka Grey Ghost West (10:48 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

NMT07 (10:48 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

St. Francis HS #2 (10:49 AM | 04/24/12)

Open Open

NLS31 (08:55 AM | 05/01/12)

Open Open

MPB29 (02:11 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

MPB12 (02:16 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

RSC11 (02:20 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

NMT24 (02:21 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

TRV20 (02:23 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

BLAF1 (02:25 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

LUF25 (02:28 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

TRV21 (02:28 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

CRA06 (02:29 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

ESS06 (02:31 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

AFC42 (02:33 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

CIS04 (02:35 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

MPB14 (02:38 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

NMT09 (02:40 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

NSS29 (02:42 PM | 04/21/13)

Open Open

Becker Athletic Complex (06:14 PM | 07/17/16)

Open Open

Field 1 (06:14 PM | 07/17/16)

Open Open

Field 2 (06:14 PM | 07/17/16)

Open Open

Field 3 (06:14 PM | 07/17/16)