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RunfastJumpHighSoccer Advanced Footskills Clinic

Advanced Footskills  Clinics - Friday Night Series

1 Player 1 Ball
Birth Years 2004-2010

Footskills - This course is designed to expose the athletes to the necessary ball handling skills used in dribbling, passing/receiving, and finishing. The overall focus is on individual improvement in mastering the fundamental skills that make players successful. Each player will spend a majority of the time with a ball by themselves or with a partner.  Each player should expect to get 5000-6000 touches during this session.  

The training will start with ball manipulation using all surfaces of the foot.  Players will learn 1v1 moves in a progressive session starting with no pressure or passive pressure ending in full pressure 1v1 or small sided games including Free Play where creativity and problem solving will be up to the players.  

Older players will learn where to apply the moves based on the situation, the angle of defense and their position on the field.  

Players will learn a variety of moves within the following categories:

ATTACKING- for taking the opponent on 1v1

FAKES & FEINTS- for creating time/space to pass or shoot

CHANGE OF DIRECTION- for maintaining possession

The series will progress with each successive Friday Footskills Clinic.

PASSING AND RECEIVING - These sessions will focus on passing and receiving technique including body shape, position, and balance.

Players will go through a series of games and drills starting with foot placement, ball strike, the weight of the pass, and transition from receiving a good first touch to a solid pass. 

Activities will include Tika Taka passing, Rondo, Front Foot Passing, Wall Passing and Combination Play.  Games will be possession based games with the emphasis on the actual technique.


Dates:  November 10, 2017 5:30-7:30 PM - 8 to 14 Year olds #1

Friday Footskills Clinics – Individual Session Registration:

January 5, 2018 -       5:30-7:30 PM - 8 to 14 Year olds - Passing and Receiving-1                              

January 19, 2018 -     5:30-7:30 PM - 8 to 14 Year olds – Advanced Footskills -2
February 2, 2018 -      5:30-7:30 PM - 6 to 9 Year olds - Passing and Receiving 2
                                    7:30-9:30 PM- 10 to 14 Year olds - Passing and Receiving 2

February 16, 2018 -    6:00 - 8:00 PM - 6 to 9 Year olds – Advanced Footskills-3

                                    6:00 - 8:00 PM - 10 to 14 Year olds - Advanced Footskills-3
March 16, 2018 -         6:00 - 8:00 PM - 6 to 9 Year olds – Advanced Footskills-4
                                     6:00 - 8:00 PM - 10 to14 Year olds – Advanced Footskills-4

Location: SCS United Training Center, 112 Hindman Lane, Butler, PA 16001

Fees: $30 per session

The Players will be separated by age/skill level where necessary.  Space is Limited so Register now.


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