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The Home Team Manager/Coaches (not the players) are responsible for set-up and take down of the field at each game and practice. The equipment in the field boxes is expensive. Carelessness means lost money for the program. These boxes are inspected periodically. Set-up means placement of bases, pitching mound, chalking foul lines down first and third base sides, drawing of a 16' circle around the pitching mound (Intermediates, Majors and Seniors only), and checking for any foreign matter on or around the playing field that might cause injury to a player or spectator. When the game is over, please be sure to clean off any equipment and place it back in the equipment box. Check the box to be sure it is locked securely. If any equipment is missing or damaged, contact the Equipment Commissioner immediately after the game or practice. The team that played last at that field will be held responsible for the missing or damaged equipment.

Field set-up should be completed 15 minutes prior to game start time. If the manager is unable to do so, he/she must assign the duty to the coach or another parent. During the regular season, the visiting team shall be given exclusive use of the infield for warm ups 15 minutes prior to game start time. Since every league uses the fields on Saturday, fields should be checked for accuracy by each of the home team managers throughout the day. If no other team is present/waiting to use the fields when your game is finished, equipment should be removed from the field and locked up.

NOTE: For games, the 3rd base dugout is for the home team. Visitor is the 1st base dugout.


  • Use the hammer for removing the bases
  • Be careful not to puncture the chalk bags with other equipment
  • Remove all three bases and the PITCHING RUBBER
  • Be sure the spikes on the bases are facing away from the approaching base runner. They are to be secure and not visible.
  • Check the box to be sure it is locked securely.



  • Do not use a bat or helmet to pound in the spikes.
  • Do not pull the bases out by the straps.

Field Layout

  • Step 1: Measure and mark off the “A” distance from home to second
  • Step 2: Measure and mark off the “B” distance for the pitching rubber
  • Step 3: From second, measure and mark off the “C” distance to first Step
  • 4: From home, measure and mark off the “C” distance to first Step
  • 5: Where the marks from step 2 and step 3 intersect is the location for first Step
  • 6: Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for third base

Field Distance Chart

A (Home to 2nd)
B (Home to Mound)
C (Distance Between Bases)
Minior B/A84' 10"35'60'
Juniors84' 10"35'60'
Majors84' 10"40'60'
Seniors84' 10"43'60'
T-Ball56' 7"32'40'

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