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 Cancellation Refund Policy:

Should it be necessary to cancel a player registration, you must send your cancellation notice to [email protected] in writing 30 days priors to the start of the season to receive full refund.

If we received your cancelation notice after the start of the season only a partial refund will be made. U.S.S.P. reserves the right to withhold these funds after the first game or first two practices. U.S.S.P. deems two practices and or first game should be sufficient time for you to notice if your child enjoys the sport/program or not. Registration fee for Academy Teams is non-refundable. All service fees charged by SportsConnect are also non-refundable.

*U.S.S.P. Youth International Club Squad
Program is non-refundable, when your child gets selected for international duty, it is with the utmost understanding that as a parent, you comprehend that this program involves a lot of traveling and out of pocket expense. Forfeiting your child’s spot on the team opens room for another player to join the squad. Therefore, it is imperative that you make this decision prior to showing up to a tryout event or at the time you receive the phone call that “Your child has made the team”.

*USSP Academy Teams Playing ECNL (13U-18U) - $2200 Annually

*USSP Academy Teams Playing 11v11 (13U-18U) - $1500 Annually

*USSP Academy Teams Playing 9v9 (12U) - $1350 Annually

*USSP Academy Teams Playing 7v7 (11U) - $1250 Annually

*USSP Academy Teams Playing 5v5 (10U) - $1050 Annually
USSP Youth Development - Grassroots
$330 non-refundable for the 7U – 10U Youth Development Program
$245 non-refundable for the 6U Youth Development Program,
$210 non-refundable for the 4U-5U Youth Development Program.

If you decide to forfeit your registration after the first game has been played, no refund will be given. If you decide to quit mid-season (completing a fall season and leaving the club in the spring) United States Soccer Prospects L.L.C. reserves the rights to withhold all funds. No refunds will be made to any parent for yearly commitments at the end of ANY season.  If a parent is on a payment plan a parent must complete monthly plans regards of child’s participation in the club or not. Contracts will be signed.

By registering with U.S. Soccer Prospects, you understand, adhere, and will abide by these policies.

Late Fee Policy:

Any Unpaid Balances during the season will resort to that player not being able to participate in any USSP practices and or games, player must still show up to practices and games and not participate until balance is paid. If player fails to show up to two practices with unpaid balances will result in the expulsion of team. A late fee of $10 will be applied to any account more than 3 business days past due. An additional $10 will be applied weekly following the initial 3 days. Please reach out if payment will be late.

Behavioral Policy:
Players sent home due to disruptive, violent, or bullying behaviors towards staff, directors, referee, spectators, their own teammates, or opposing teams will be dismissed from the program and will not be eligible for ANY refund and law enforcements will be involved if it reaches to that extreme.

Injury Policy:
We do everything to make sure our program is run safely to avoid the possibility of all participating athletes from being injured. However, please understand that accidents do happen, and we are not responsible for them. Although, should an athlete not have insurance please contact the club for appropriate paperwork. In your child’s registration is included a secondary insurance and liability claim in case the parent does not have insurance or is not covered in current parent insurance policy. Email your team managers for this form if you are in the competitive program. If you are in the Youth Development program email your current Director of Operations ([email protected]). If a player misses more than two practices due to injury they must provide doctor’s note releasing them to play.

Weather Policy:

U.S.S.P. staff will make best efforts to communicate modifications and cancellations ninety (90) minutes in advance of a scheduled activity, in accordance with these policies; however, staff may cancel activities, should fields be closed or weather conditions change and present safety risks to participants prior to or during scheduled activities. U.S.S.P. will guarantee one make-up game per season if any are canceled due to weather. Any other games can be played during practices coordinated by the club and staff when possible for the Youth Development program. If you are in the competitive program, please check your current schedule with your participating league.

Thunderstorm Policy:
In the event the game is suspended, ALL participants MUST clear the field immediately and move into their cars or other permanent shelter. Activities will not resume until 30 minutes after the last 
lightning strike inside the 10-mile range. A loud horn will be signaled for all parents, players, and staff to clear the field and go home immediately or go under a shelter until parent/guardian picks the child up from practice or game. Emails will go out to parents about cancellation through team managers, staff, and or club.

Heat Policy:
U[i].S.S.P. will cancel all outdoor activities if the temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit or above. If it is 96 degrees Fahrenheit but there is a heat index of 104 degrees or above, activities will be canceled as well. Any combination of the two will result in cancelation.

Reschedule Policy:

Youth Development Games will be rescheduled towards the end of the season and will be played prior to play offs. Rescheduled games will be played first. Travel team games are rescheduled by the participating league the team is in, check your current schedule for any updates.

Fine Policy

Parents are responsible to cover the cost of any fines occurred on behalf of the club for behavior or failure to field a team due to absence.

Is due upon registration, if you are on a payment plan your payment will recur on the date you made your first payment. if payment is not made, U.S.S.P. reserves the right to forfeit your child’s participation in ANY of its programs. You may register again when a payment is ready to be made again. When payment is made again your child becomes eligible to participate with its current program.

COVID-19 Cancellation Policy:
If there are any mandated season interruptions or cancellations due to COVID 19 government restrictions or STYSA restrictions, refund decisions will be dealt with in a pro-rated fashion in the form of credit to be used in the next consecutive season only.

We may provide you information electronically, including legal disclosures and information related to our agreement, relationship, and services, if we first provide this disclosure and obtain your consent to receiving communications electronically. Your consent to receiving communications electronically extends to all billing statements, reports, agreements, disclosures, notices, and other communications (collectively, “Communications”) throughout the course of our relationship. You are not required to provide your consent. However, if you do not consent to signing your agreement with us electronically we will not be able to provide you services.

 In order to properly receive, view, and print electronic Communications, you must have the following hardware and software:

• A valid email address (you must contact our Customer Service to update your email address).

• A personal computer, tablet, smartphone (or similar device) with internet access and with the ability and storage space to download and save documents.

• A pdf document reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

• If you wish to print, a pdf capable printer.


If we change our hardware and software requirements, we will notify you of the change(s) at the email address you’ve provided. You must notify us, and withdraw your consent to receiving Communications electronically, if you cannot satisfy the changed requirements. Your continued use of our services after you receive notice of changed requirements constitutes your confirmation that you can satisfy the changed requirements. Please note that you have the option to print and save electronic Communications for your records.

You may withdraw your consent to receiving Communications electronically, and request paper Communications, by calling 1-800-430-7161. We may charge you a fee for paper communications. Applicable law or contracts sometimes require you to give us written notices unrelated to this Electronic Communications Disclosure and Consent; your consent does not relate to those items.

By signing below you:

• Consent to receiving electronically from us all Communications throughout the course of our relationship with you, subject to your right to withdraw consent. • Agree that your electronic signature (via “click-through” or other method) in connection with agreements and other Communications has the same effect as an ink signature.

• Agree that electronic Communications have the same effect as if provided to you on paper.

• Confirm that you can satisfy the hardware and software requirements identified above.

• Confirm that you are authorized to provide this consent on behalf of yourself and your business.

[i] * No Refunds on registration fee for Academy Teams under any circumstances.


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