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Families of 3 or more, please register all the way to the checkout screen, but DO NOT COMPLETE THE ACTUAL REGISTRATION.  Contact me at [email protected] as soon as you have reached this point in the registration and I will adjust the amount to the Family max amount.  I will notify you via email when you can log back in to your account and make your credit card payment. 
Also, please be aware that while we will do our best to accommodate team and friend requests, we cannot guarantee them.   Thank you in advance for your understanding.
If you wish for your child to play up an age group, you MUST attend the ONE TIME ONLY move up evaluation on Saturday, February 12th at 12:00.  We will make any needed changes after that date.
Please note that there will be a processing fee in the amount of $2.52 assessed for the convenience of using your credit card or debit card per registrant.  This fee is not collected by Redoubt. 
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