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Apr, 2024


To accomplish our mission as a little league we need your support.  We desire to have the best facilities and experience possible.  Through the generosity of the Galvan Foundation and FASNY and the dedication and hard work of our volunteers our players have access to exceptional playing surfaces.  We also benefit from access to fields at the Greenport Town Park and Hudson City School District.  For the fields at FASNY and Galvan Civic Field Hudson Little League is responsible for maintenance and infrastructure.  We have reached a point where significant updates are needed as well as additional equipment.  To support our efforts we are launching a Capital Campaign.  Please consider being a significant donor to our local youth.  Our target goal is $70,000.  

Hudson Little League Capital Campaign Sponsorship program

RBI Donor = $100

Line Drive Single = $250

Double to the Gap = $500

Stretch it to a Triple = $750

Dinger Donor = $1,000

Grand Slam Donor = $5000

Here is a list of items and estimated costs your donations will support

3 Score Boards (1@ Galvan and 2@ FASNY) $12000

New bleachers at both Galvan and FASNY $15000

Dugout repairs (6 dugouts total in need of repair) 

New Fencing at FASNY $?

Concession Stand repair/renovation (FASNY) $5000

61 inch Zero turn commercial grade mower (FASNY) $10000

Storage Shed (FASNY) $1500

Security Cameras Galvan $1500

Baseball/Softball grade dirt $10,000

Please consider donating
Hudson Little League
PO Box 1171
Hudson, NY 12534

Thank you!

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