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SSA Adult Soccer


 Registration Rules

  • Teams on the field shall consist of 7 players (including the GK).
  • Roster size is unlimited.
  • Only paid players will be added to the official roster.
  • If two divisions are in effect, teams can have a maximum of two “dual-rostered” players on their roster.
  • A player can only be rostered to one team per division.
  • Players can signup at anytime during the season if space permits.
  • “Dual-rostered” players are not guaranteed that times will not conflict each week amongst their two teams.
  • Any team caught playing an “illegal player” will receive an automatic forfeit.

Pre-Game Rules
  • Teams will be checked in pregame.  A valid GA Soccer player pass is required.
  • Each player must be listed on the official roster before being allowed on the field.
  • A minimum of 4 players is needed to start the game.
  • Both teams are responsible for providing one ball each.

  • Field size: Approx 50yds x 70yd.
  • Regulation sized goals are used (8' x 24').

  • Shin guards are required for each player.

Playing Rules
  • FIFA rules shall apply unless otherwise stated.
  • Opposing players must remain 8 yards away on any restart.
  • Unlimited substitutions on any dead ball for either team.  No substituting while the game is still in play.  Substitutes must have the referee’s permission before stepping onto the field.
  • One referee per game will be used.
  • Keepers may not punt or dropkick the ball. If a goalie punts the ball, a indirect kick will be given 3 yards outside the box.  
  • No offside rule.
  • Goal kicks may travel past half field.
  • No slide tackles.  A player may slide when it is not a tackle.  Minimum distance is two yards away from another player, but this rule is at the discretion of the ref.
  • Any player that receives a yellow card must sit out for two minutes, team cannot replace player.  Goals scored do not reduce this penalty time.  Team will have to play down for the entire two minutes.

  • Games are two 25-minute halves.
  • Halftime is 5-minutes long.
  • There will be no stoppage time (even for injuries).  Game clock will be a running clock.
  • Throw-ins will be used for balls that travel past the sidelines.

Standings and Tie-Breakers
  • Tie games remain a tie in pool play.
  • Tie-Breakers for regular-season standings will be as follows: 1. Head-to-Head 2. Goal Difference (+-5 per game) 3. Goals Against (max 5 per game) 4. Goals For (max 5 per game) 5. Most shutouts 6.
  • Top eight teams go to playoffs.
  • During playoffs if a tie is the result of regulation time, a five-minute overtime is given, and if the overtime results in a tie, the match will go into shootouts (Best out of 5 then sudden-death).

Code of Conduct/Behavior

All participants are subject to GA Soccer Rules and Regulations as found HERE, and to the club Code of Conduct as decribed HERE.

SSA reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.