Dylan Wallace [email protected] 734-262-3316 President
Mike Potter [email protected] 989-278-6005 Vice President
Matt Amlotte [email protected] 989-657-6753 Treasurer
Tracy Romel [email protected] 810-252-8139 Secretary
Jason Barbeau [email protected] 989-464-8286 Director of Baseball
Kelli Francisco [email protected] 989-464-7721 Director of Softball
Tabitha Heltsley [email protected] 989-884-4507 Director of T-Ball
Scott Bays [email protected] 989-916-5250 Player Agent Baseball
Eric MacKenzie [email protected] 989-657-0079 Player Agent Softball
Matt Muszynski [email protected] 989-590-3276 Coaching Coordinator Baseball
Amy Attwell [email protected] 989-884-4060 Coaching Coordinator Softball
Jeremy Kraft [email protected] 989-255-7952 Equipment Manager Baseball
Eric Grochowski [email protected] 989-255-7047 Equipment Manager Softball
Kyle Hanson [email protected] 989-464-5546 Director of Umpires
Bill Schroeder [email protected] 989-335-0840 Field Maintenance
Steve SantAmour [email protected] 989-464-5031 Safety Director
Jennifer Menzel [email protected] 989-657-4864 Fundraising Coordinator
Mary Stepanski [email protected] 616-204-6481 Concessions Coordinator
Paul Marwede [email protected] 989-884-4502 Member at Large
Nathan Chojnacki [email protected] 989-884-3929 Member at Large


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