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Jun, 2023

All-Stars 2023 Meetings

It's that time of year when we will meet to go over the Tournament rules and affidavits. The primary meeting will be held on Thursday, June 15 at 6 PM at the LaGrange field. A second meeting for those who do not get it right at the first meeting will be held on Monday, June 19 @ 6 PM at the LaGrange field.
The following items must be brought to those meetings:
1.    Two (2) copies of the printed out fully completed Tournament Affidavit form and signed maps and any waivers.
2.    A copy of the Certificate of Completion of the Diamond Leader course for each manager, coach, and temporary replacement, if needed. (Remember you are allowed one manager and two coaches this year)
3.    A letter from the President that all managers & coaches have had a background check.
4.    A least one manager/coach for each team must be at the meeting.
5.    If you want a home game, you need to have a tournament director at the meeting.
You must contact me if you have fewer than 12 players on the affidavit.
We will draw for seeding and have a schedule of play.
Most district games will start on/around June 23.
Fred Cantor

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