On March 6, 2017 a bill was introduced to amend the Victims of Child Abuse Act of 1990. The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 was signed into law on February 14, 2018.

This law is in effect and should be adhered to by all SAY Soccer members. This amendment extends the duty of SAY members to report suspected child abuse, including sexual abuse, to adults who are authorized to interact with minor or amateur athletes at a facility under the jurisdiction of a national governing body. A national governing body (U.S. Soccer) is an amateur sports organization that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. The full legislation is available for download HERE
The second part of this amendment defines the purpose of the U.S. Center for Safe Sport. This organization must maintain an office for education and outreach that shall develop training, oversight practices, policies, and procedures to prevent the abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, of amateur athletes participating in amateur athletic activities through their national governing bodies and Paralympic sports organizations. It is designed to promote a safe environment in sports for any amateur athlete. The U.S. Center for SafeSport has multiple resources that can be found HERE

 What does this mean for SAY Soccer members in 2019?

1. All SAYArea and District administrative board members and coaches must complete the online SafeSport training, which includes sexual misconduct awareness, emotional and physical misconduct, and mandatory reporting. Upon successful completion of the training the participant will receive an overall SafeSport Training Certificate. SafeSport Training is required to be completed every two years. 

2. All SAYArea and District administrative board members and coaches must provide proof of compliance to their SAYArea or District compliance director.

3. All SafeSport training participants should take care to use their same legal name as shown on their Driver’s License or Passport when filling out the SafeSport forms.

4. U.S. Soccer has set a date of September 2019 for the implementation of SafeSport training for all affiliated youth organization members. Helpful resources can be found at

5. Completion and tracking of SafeSport training can be achieved at the SAYArea or District level, however the SAYAreas are ultimately responsible for their District’s compliance where applicable.

6. SAYAreas and Districts will be required to check an electronic signature of compliance confirmation that can be found on the SAY National’s SAYArea and District Board List Form, which can be accessed HERE. This will indicate that your SAYArea or District is compliant with SAY Soccer’s complete Risk Management Policy found HERE. The SAY policy also includes back-ground screening, concussion training, times two criteria, and other state mandated training i.e. Lindsay’s Law in Ohio.

7. U.S. Soccer asks that SAY Soccer members do not post the access code anywhere on their website or social media. In short, communicate the access code, but do not post the access code.

8. When you click the link below it should populate U.S. Soccer as the membership name, please select U.S. Soccer if it does not auto populate.

Here is the link to SafeSport training for your SAY Administrative Board Members and coaches:  SafeSport 

To request the access code for the training, please email: [email protected]


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