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Welcome to online registration for the 2018-2019 season of Centreville Upward Basketball & Cheerleading!

You will first enter name, age, etc., for each child you wish to register. You will then place your child in their appropriate grade/gender division (e.g., Kindergarten, 1st-2nd grade boys, 5th-6th grade girls).

If a division is full, you’ll be prompted to request placement on that division’s wait list. When the division’s wait list is full, all registration steps for that division will be closed and you will see the following notification Division Full, indicating we’re no longer able to accept registrants or wait list request for your child’s grade/gender division.

Please don’t attempt to register your child outside their grade/gender division. Those registrations will be voided with full refund. If you’re placed on a wait list, select the Pay By Check option. Wait listers will pay via check once they’re admitted to the league.

You’ll have an opportunity to request exclusion of one night that least fits your schedule. The league will do its best to honor these request, but does not guarantee same.

Basketball teams in 1st through 6th grade division have one 1-hour practice per week on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday (there are no Upward practices on Thursdays). Kindergarten and Cheer divisions practice on Saturdays immediately before their game. You do not need to submit a practice night exclusion for Thursdays or for Kindergarten and Cheer divisions.
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