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The Empire Soccer Club strives to be the most complete soccer experience in the state of West Virginia. Our club has recently gone through some massive changes that build on the past that will further help develop soccer players toward their goals. Our club is different, completely different from others in the area. Our philosophy is to create the best experience period. Due to our model, we are able to offer so much more for a price that is unrivaled. 

How Are We Different?

Full Year Program
  • Fall Only Program - For players seeking one season of soccer, we have that option.  
  • Spring Only Program - For those that play middle or high school soccer, they can simply register to play spring only with Empire.
  • Fall Through Spring - For youth players that are too young to play middle school or for players that choose not to play middle school, we have a program for you. 
  • Winter/Spring - For the mass majority of middle and high school athletes, this is the best program for you. Indoor training accelerates you into the spring season giving you an additional 4 months of development. 
Empire Coaches
  • The new Executive Director of the Empire has instilled a coaching philosophy with the coaches of the club. Our goal is to maximize development first and foremost. Wins and loses will come with this but the goals is development first. 
  • The Empire Coaching staff is the most dedicated group of coaches in any club in the state of West Virginia. They strive to create an environment that is developmentally sound helping student-athletes explore and mature in the game of soccer and beyond. 
The Human Body
  • Performance Training - For winter Empire athletes, included in the fees, is a dynamic program that will help their overall performance. The training will focus on building a stronger, faster, and quicker athlete over the course of the winter months. 
  • Yoga - Science proves that flexibility is a key indicator to human performance. Our goal is to introduce yoga to all athletes that play for Empire through recovery sessions after long weekends. 
  • The Empire Soccer Club strives to help each and every parent understand what is happening with the team. We will do this through centralized communication of the Empire Admin position. 
  • Team Meetings - Coaches will be holding a number of team meetings throughout each season with Empire. Coaches will explain to the parents and players what the overall goals are, how they see the season progressing, and any other team communications that are important to the goals of the team. 
  • Our individual evaluations are the basis of our coaching philosophy. In any given 11v11 team, there are 14 to 18 separate sets of individual goals. Our goal is to coach the team while also focussing on the individual goals.  This means that everyone isn't coached the same. If there is a player that wants to play college soccer at 14 and a player that has a goal to play high school soccer, the coach will offer their coaching advice differently based on what the player's goals are. 
  • Evaluations will be held both prior to the season and after the season minimally. They are held with the parent in a setting that lets the player express their desires uninfluenced. 
College Preparation
  • Many players have the aspiration to play past high school. Our program will lead players in that direction if desired focussed primarily on education at the beginning. We need to preach better grades and test scores as that is one of the first staples to being successful in the recruiting process. Quality students are more valuable to colleges regardless of soccer ability. 
  • ACT/SAT Prep Classes - The Empire Soccer Club will be offering classes at no additional charge to prepare for the ACT or SAT. Our values stem first and foremost of the student-athlete beings a successful person educationally, then soccer. 
  • Our club will focus on helping athletes improve through the most modern technology possible. Many of the products we have access to aren't available anywhere else in the state.
  • Catapult GPS Vests - We are going to use proof based products that take the opinion out of what we all see. With this product, we can track player movement and speed to help them understand the position and roles that should be filling. 
  • Speed Testing Equipment - We have access to laser guided testing equipment that will allow us to know if results are really happening. We are setting up standardized testing that proves development has happened. 


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