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Club Coaches Meeting

August 19, 2019 at 8 pm in Harley Davidson, Orwigsburg. 

This will be for ALL coaches to pick up Game Balls, Ref Fees, Supplies and Game Cards (if ready). Along with getting any other information prior to the start of the Fall Season. 


August 22, 2019 or August 27, 2019 at 7pm in Fleetwood High School 

This is for TRAVEL Coaches ONLY. 1 Team Representative (does not need to be a coach) MUST attend ONE of these meetings. If you are unable to find anyone please contact BMSC at [email protected] as club will get fined for teams which do not have a rep present. 

Youth Soccer Night
September 25, 2019 at Blue Mountain High School Football Field. Please have your team arrive at 5:30 pm, Coaches and players are free entry into the game. Please contact Deb if your team will be participating. [email protected]

Individual & Team Photo's
September 15 & 22 at Kimmels Church in Orwigsburg, PA.
Please verify with your Head Coaches what time your pictures will be taken and what uniform to be wearing.
Contact Deb for scheduling

2019 Travel Fall Rosters

What the Coaches Will Need to Supply

Downloadable Coaches Requirement Form



Attention Coaches, Team Managers, and Parent Volunteers:

The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA), which is the governing body for all youth soccer in Eastern PA, has implemented new regulations for all adults who will be working with children. Based on Pennsylvania's Child Protection Safety Laws, adults who must obtain and submit clearances are defined as follows -

“. . . someone who provides “care, supervision, guidance or control” AND have “routine interaction” with the children. “Routine interaction” is defined as regular and repeated contact that is integral to the person’s employment or volunteer responsibilities.”

Based on this definition, all head coaches abd assistant coaches must obtain and submit their clearances. Additionally, if there is a team parent that will “routinely” interact with the children within the BMSC, they must also obtain and submit their clearances..


What Clearances are needed?


Anyone who needs to go through this process will need to obtain their PA Criminal Background Check and a Child Abuse Background Check. These checks are good for 5 years. Please click on the links below to start that process.

1. PA Criminal Background Check-


2. Child Abuse Background Check-


3. If you have been a resident of PA for the past 10 years, you must also submit the following affidavit of compliance.


4. If you have not lived in PA for the past 10 years, you must submit an FBI fingerprint

background check.

If you have obtained these clearances in the last 5 years, they are still good to submit.

Instructions on how to submit them are detailed below.


If you need to go through the process of obtaining these documents, please do not wait. These state agencies have to process these requests for every youth group across PA.


Where should I submit these Documents?


With the full implementation of the new registration system within EPYSA, all documents must be uploaded to an individual’s Team Connect account.

To upload these documents please follow these instructions –

  1. Go to our BMSC Registration home page-
  2. Log into your account (or create an account)
  3. Once Logged into your account your can click on “Register Now” on Travel Coaches
  4. After Registering as a coach or Volunteer, click on “Member account”.
  5. For all your PA Clearances and the Affidavit of Compliance, you will upload all of those in the “Safety/Additional Certification” section. Please note that all your documents must be uploaded as 1 single document . You must merge them all together into 1 single document . If you are unable to merge your PDFs using your computer software, there are different free sites that can merge documents for you. is one example. Please feel free to find a service that best suits your needs.

What Else must I upload?

1. You must upload a head shot image to be used for your coaching pass. Please upload that image in your profile section.

2. You must complete a “Concussion Training Certification.” You can access and complete this certification by clicking on the “Learn More” button on your profile page. Please know that this online certification will take about 30 minutes to complete. Your certificate should automatically upload, but please make sure you download it and save a copy.

3. Finally, you must complete your “Abuse Training” certification. You can access and complete this certification by clicking on the “Begin Training” button on your profile page. This training will take between 1 ½ - 2 hours. Your certificate should automatically upload, but please make sure you download it and save a copy.

4. Once you have uploaded all your documents, uploaded a headshot picture and completed your concussion and abuse prevention trainings, please send me an email notification of your process completion. Please make the subject line of this email “Your Name - RM Complete”. Send that email to Don Nettles [email protected] . Also all Certificates should be emailed to our Director of coach Paul Glenn ([email protected]) for Club use.

Only CLEARED Head coaches, Assistant coaches, Team Managers and Team Parents are allowed to be around children during the soccer season.

Cleared Coaches

The following is the list of Cleared Head & Assistant Coaches for 2019-20 Season

Click Here for Cleared Coaching List

Updated as of August 25, 2019 @ 9 PM
Contact Paul Glenn ([email protected]) for Coaching Approval and more details. 

Volunteer Info

The club would not be successful without the dedicated parents who volunteer their time to give the kids a great soccer experience.  As you go through the new registration process, there will be a section for you, the parents, to inform the BMSC where you can lend a hand. We appreciate all our volunteers and the time they spend with our children.  We can always use more help, so please see a board member about how you can help contribute to your child’s soccer experience. 

Prospective Head Coaches or Assistant Coaches.... The BMSC wants to make sure that we are doing all we can to help educate and enhance your coaching experience as well as our player's experience.  We would ask that you check the corresponding box if interested in coaching during the registration process to help us begin to determine our coaches positions within the BMSC. As the coaches and teams are selected, they will be listed on the website. 

Coach Application

Blue Mountain Soccer Club - Coach Application

Each application will be carefully reviewed by BMSC Board members and appointments to coaching positions will be based on qualifications, knowledge of the game, history in the program, and applicant’s ability to engage, teach and mentor children of the program.


Position Requested:

Head Coach ____ Assistant Coach ____ (name Head Coach to assist______________________)

Girls or Boys (circle choice) Grade/Division preferred _____________ T-Shirt size __________

Name (first/middle/last) __________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________ City _______________________

State ____ Zip Code __________ Home Phone ______________ Cell Phone _______________

Date of Birth _____________________ Email ________________________________________

Driver’s License Number _________________________________________________________


Training and Experience:

1. List all current soccer coach licenses held and soccer coach training completed.


2. List your previous soccer coaching experience, if any. Note at what levels you've coached, how many years, and in which club/association.


3. List your playing experience, if any. Note at what levels you played, and how many years.


4. Have you ever been ejected or otherwise disciplined for coaching or spectator conduct at a youth athletic event? (Yes / No)  If yes, please explain:


Personal Disclosure Information:

1. Have you ever been arrested, convicted or pleaded guilty to a crime? (Yes / No)

If yes, please explain:

2. Have you ever been accused, charged, or alleged to have, or have you ever committed any act of neglecting, abusing or molesting any child? (Yes / No)

3. Have you been convicted of the possession, use or sale of drugs within the last seven years? (Yes / No)

4. Have you been released from incarceration for a conviction of the possession, use or sale of drugs within the last seven years? (Yes / No)

5. Is there any fact, circumstance, or pattern involving your background that would make it inappropriate for you to serve with minors or would compromise the integrity of the BMSC? (Yes / No)


Applicant’s Statement of Release

I recognize that BMSC is relying on the accuracy of the above information to evaluate my application.

Accordingly, I attest and affirm that all of the information I have provided is true and accurate. In consideration for my application, I release any individual or organization from any and all liability for any damages which may result to me on account of compliance with this authorization. Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the policies of the BMSC and to refrain from unethical and/or illegal conduct in the performance of my services on behalf of the program.


Request for Criminal Records Check and Authorization

Important: Applicants must complete this section to have a valid application. Invalid applications will not be considered.  I hereby request and authorize the release of any information which pertains to any record of convictions contained in law enforcement files or in any criminal file maintained on me whether local, state or national. I hereby release local, state and national law enforcement agencies from any and all liability resulting from such disclosure.  I have carefully read the above release and authorization and understand the contents. I sign this release of my own free will. This is a legally binding agreement that I have read and understand. Any false statements on this document may be grounds for immediate dismissal from the BMSC.


Signature _____________________________________________________________________

Printed _______________________________________________________________________

Print Maiden Name(s) or Aliases ___________________________________________________

Any information gained as a result of the release or authorization will only be used by BMSC officers, and strictly for the purpose of evaluating this application.


Administrative Use Only:

________ Completed Application

________ Applicant does NOT appear on Sex Offender Registry

________ Approved for requested position - Notified of approval (date)____________________

________ Denied for requested position (notes) ______________________________________________________________________________


_________ Attended Coach’s Clinic

_________ Signed Coach’s Code of Ethics Pledge


Score Reporting

In an effort to have an accurate record of all the teams participating in either the Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League (RBJSL) and the Schuylkill League, we would ask that you send an email reporting the score of your game from the weekend to  [email protected]  In your email, please include:

Home Team Name
Home Team Score

Away Team Name
Away Team Score

Referee Present:  Yes or No

For all Reading-Berks Junior Soccer League Travel Teams (u9 and up), please make sure that you submit your score through the RBJSL website by logging into the site with your email address and pin number. 

Please report all scores by each Sunday night after the game to avoid any fines levied by the League(s).  

Cancellation/Rescheduling Procedures

When inclement weather strikes the day of games, here is a basic step-by-step process on how games are cancelled and rescheduled.

1.  The Field Director  will decide to play or cancel all HOME games for that day.

2.  The Field Director must cancel all Saturday games by 8:00 AM to the League; all Sunday games must be cancelled to the League by 10:00 AM. 

3.  All BMSC Head Coaches with home games that day will be contacted by either 8 AM on Saturday or 10 AM on Sunday.  Contact will be made by email, text, or phone depending upon circumstances.

4.  Any games not postponed by those times will be left to the discretion of the referee assigned to the game.  All team members must report to the game field at that time.

5.  If games are cancelled, all HOME BMSC coaches are asked to select 2 to 3 dates to reschedule cancelled game.  These dates need to be reported to Field Director to be officially confirmed by the League.

6.  All cancelled games should be played or rescheduled within one week if possible.

7.  An official email will be sent from the League to confirm the rescheduled game.

ALL Practices/Games can be cancelled at ANY time by the field owners/townships or Field Director. You will be notified ASAP of any changes. 

Any questions on this procedure please email the Vice President/Field Director- Donald Nettles at [email protected]

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Blue Mountain Soccer Club

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Blue Mountain Soccer Club

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Email: [email protected]
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