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Welcome Parents

As West Springfield Little League starts off its new season, we are proud to present all of our Little League Teams in the presentation below.  In addition to our teams, however, we also wanted to take a moment to thank our Sponsors, so we also present a parade of sponsors at the end of the presentation.  Thanks to all of our Little Leaguers and Sponsors for being part of a great season!

Are you a parent or coach of a WSLL team, or a Sponsor, and want to update your slide on this presentation? If so, reach out to [email protected], provide your updated photo and/or information, and we will get this updated.


Teams banners are hung outside the dugout or on the fence during the games. Please follow the instruction guide below to find the specific banner  requirements.

Banner Guide

Bat Regulations

Here’s a link to the USA Baseball approved bat list.  There are links to where families can go to purchase a particular model.
As I have said previously, in theory all bats will perform about the same under the new standard, so families should consider
this as they make a selection.  While this is an approved list, the primary requirement to look for is the USA Baseball
insignia prominently embossed on the throat of the bat (for Junior level and below.)  For Senior Baseball, the BBCOR standard
still applies.  Ask families to be careful to look for this designation and avoid the confusion of any other designation that
uses the word “approved.”  When in doubt, this list should be particularly helpful.
Be careful before you buy a new bat as Little League Baseball, not WSLL, is changing bat standards for the 2018 season. 


The link below is a full list of the baseball summer camps that have contacted us. If you are aware of additional camps, please email Matt Waggoner at [email protected] with the details so we can add them to the list

Summer Camp List

Become a Team Parent

Under Development

Parent Concerns


The League works hard to ensure we have a positive learning expirence for players and their families. If you have questions or concerns please bring them up to your manager. If you don't feel comfortable speaking to the League Directors are happy to assist. 

League Directors

IMAdam Melis
MajorsAL -Rob Pelletier
MajorsNL -Walter Green
AAANL -Rich Montague
AAAAL -Scott Mills
AAAL -Steve Senatore
AANL -Eric Hardman
AAL -Matthew Dyson
ANL -Stephen Puryear
T-BallAL -Marco Flores
T-BallNL -Heather Crocetto
Clinic (5-T)AL&NL -Paul Connolly


Team Scorekeepers and Managers,

The following 2 part video series provides an excellent tutorial or refresher on how to properly do the scorebook for your team.
Keeping a scorebook pt1    
Keeping a scorebook pt2

How you can help your Manager/Coach

Under Development


Under Development


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