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!!!! Tournament Time !!!! - Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Hello Soccer Fans!

Tournament time!!!!  What a great season!  We hope all players had a great time!  Coaches please have your team on the field and ready to play 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.  No ties allowed during bracket play.  If the game is tied after regulation teams will go immediately to a shoot-out.  5 different players from each team will alternate shots to determine a winner.  If still tied 3 different players will attempt, then 1 different player from each team until tie is broken.  Games will be regular time:

U8 - 4 10 minute qtrs
U10 - 2 20 minute halves
U12 - 2 25 minute halves

Peewee and U6 coaches please pickup your teams participation medals before the start of your scheduled game.  Medals will be available by the north soccer shed.

All coaches please turn in your equipment bag after your game.  

Thank you all for being part of our GOWYO Soccer club!  We will start our Fall season in August look for more information on our website.

Have a great Summer!


divHome TeamAway TeamDateStart TimeField
U08G2Arsenal GunnersManchester United Red Devils05/08/202109:00U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08G3Watford HornetsLiverpool Reds05/08/202109:00U8/U10 Field 5 South
U08G1West Ham United HammersBYE05/08/202111:00U8/U10 Field 5 South
U08G4Southampton SaintsChelsea Blues05/08/202111:00U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08G5West Ham United HammersG2 Win05/08/202113:00U8/U10 Field 5 South
U08G6G3 WinG4 Win05/08/202113:00U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08G7G5 WinG6 Win05/08/202114:15U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
divHome TeamAway TeamDateStart TimeField
U10G3Yosemite SamsTweety birds05/07/202117:30U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U10G2RoadrunnersTasmanian Devils05/08/202110:00U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U10G4Bugs BunniesWile E. Coyotes05/08/202110:00U8/U10 Field 5 South
U10G5Sylvester the CatG2 Win05/08/202112:00U8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U10G6G3 WinG4 Win05/08/202112:00U8/U10 Field 5 South
U10G7G5 WinG6 Win05/08/202114:15U8/U10 Field 5 South
divHome TeamAway TeamDateStart TimeField
U12G4FireMorrill United05/08/202109:00U12/U15 Big Field East
U12G2CrewWhiteCaps05/08/202110:15U12/U15 Big Field East
U12G6RapidsG4 Win05/08/202111:30U12/U15 Big Field East
U12G5Red BullsG2 Win05/15/202109:00U12/U15 Big Field East
U12G7G5 WinG6 Win05/15/202110:15U12/U15 Big Field East

^^^^^^ May 1st Round Robin Play ^^^^^^ - Friday, April 30, 2021

Hello Soccer Fans,

What a great weekend for a soccer game!  Let's play 2 or 34!  Since we're going to be outside enjoying the wonderful weather and the beautiful game why not have ice cream!  Banner Health has donated funds for all soccer players to have a tasty treat from the Bee Chilled ice cream truck.  Bee Chilled will be at the soccer complex throughout the day.  All Soccer Players will receive one free treat from Bee Chilled anytime during the day. Please go to the ice cream truck to get your yummy treat!  And since they will be there all day remember your change just in case sibling, parents and your coach ;) might want something yummy!

GOWYO Soccer would like to thank Banner Health for donating to our soccer program!!!!  Also thank you Bee Chilled for your time and donations!  

We'll have a lot of soccer going on.  Please have all players at the fields and ready to play at least 5 minutes before each scheduled start time. There will be no shoot-outs, ties are allowed in pool play.  Wins and losses will be tracked and teams will be placed accordingly into a single elimination bracket to be played on May 8th.  

Some U12/U15 teams need to reschedule games on May 8th due to SEWAC track.  We will figure those games out after this weekend.

Please reach out to Rod 307-534-6534 [email protected] with any questions.  Peewee and U6 teams will play games as listed on the schedule.  U8, U10 and U15 teams participate in pool play and the year-end tournament!

See you on the Pitch,

GOWYO Soccer

DivisionHome TeamAway TeamStart TimeEnd TimeField
PeeweeDragonfliesShooting Stars9:00 AM9:45 AMPW/U06 - Field 2
PeeweePupsPirates9:00 AM9:45 AMPW/U06 - Field 3
PeeweeCatsGrasshoppers9:45 AM10:30 AMPW/U06 - Field 2
PeeweeStingraysGeckos9:45 AM10:30 AMPW/U06 - Field 3
U06SharksWolves9:00 AM9:45 AMPW/U06 - Field 1
U06BearsMonkeys9:45 AM10:30 AMPW/U06 - Field 1
U06TigersGorillas10:30 AM11:15 AMPW/U06 - Field 1
U08Liverpool RedsWest Ham United Hammers9:00 AM9:45 AMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08Southampton SaintsManchester UnitedRed Devils9:00 AM9:45 AMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U08ArsenalGunnersEverton Black Watch9:45 AM10:30 AMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08WatfordHornetsChelsea Blues9:45 AM10:30 AMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U08Liverpool RedsSouthampton Saints11:15 AM12:00 PMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08Manchester UnitedRed DevilsWest Ham United Hammers11:15 AM12:00 PMPW/U06 - Field 1
U08Chelsea BluesArsenalGunners12:00 PM12:45 PMPW/U06 - Field 1
U08Everton Black WatchWatfordHornets12:00 PM12:45 PMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08West Ham United HammersSouthampton Saints12:45 PM1:30 PMPW/U06 - Field 1
U08ArsenalGunnersWatfordHornets1:30 PM2:15 PMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U08Chelsea BluesEverton Black Watch1:30 PM2:15 PMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U08Manchester UnitedRed DevilsLiverpool Reds1:30 PM2:15 PMPW/U06 - Field 1
U10Bugs BunniesWile E. Coyotes10:30 AM11:15 AMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U10Tasmanian DevilsYosemite Sams10:30 AM11:15 AMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U10Tweety birdsSylvester the Cat11:15 AM12:00 PMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U10Yosemite SamsBugs Bunnies12:00 PM12:45 PMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U10RoadrunnersTweety birds12:45 PM1:30 PMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U10Wile E. CoyotesTasmanian Devils12:45 PM1:30 PMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U10Bugs BunniesTasmanian Devils2:15 PM3:00 PMU8/U10 Field 5 South
U10Sylvester the CatRoadrunners2:15 PM3:00 PMPW/U06 - Field 1
U10Yosemite SamsWile E. Coyotes2:15 PM3:00 PMU8/U10 Field 4 Middle
U12/U15WhiteCapsFire9:00 AM10:00 AMU12/U15 Big Field East
U12/U15CrewRed Bulls10:00 AM11:00 AMU12/U15 Big Field East
U12/U15RapidsWhiteCaps11:00 AM12:00 PMU12/U15 Big Field East
U12/U15Red BullsMorrill United12:00 PM1:00 PMU12/U15 Big Field East
U12/U15FireRapids1:00 PM2:00 PMU12/U15 Big Field East
U12/U15Morrill UnitedCrew2:00 PM3:00 PMU12/U15 Big Field East

(((( GOWYO Season updates )))) - Thursday, April 22, 2021

Hello Soccer Fans!

We can't believe the season is half way done already!  We will not be making up April 17th games.  If any teams would like to schedule a friendly with another team that is a great idea to get players touches on the ball in a completive environment.  Please reach out to other coaches or Rod and he can help get those arranged.

Peewee and u6 teams will have three more weeks of games.  U8, U10 and U12/U15 teams have one more week of regular season then on May 1st will be a round robin seeding day.  Multiple games per team (round robin game schedule will be out next week).  May 8th will be a single elimination tournament.  

Please reach out with any questions.  

See you on the pitch,
GOWYO Soccer 
!!!!!! Soccer games April 17th - CANCELED !!!!!! - Friday, April 16, 2021

Good Snowy Morning Soccer Fans!

GOWYO Soccer will cancel all soccer games on Saturday April 17th!  Enjoy the snow and stay warm!!!

We are discussing if we can reschedule the games.  The weather is not looking great next week.  Please continue checking your email and our website. for information.

Got to love Spring Soccer!

GOWYO Soccer Board 
Ready Set GO - Monday, March 22, 2021

Hello Soccer Fans,

Teams have been made and rosters have been emailed out. Coaches please start reaching out to all your parents and planning practices. Our first game weekend is March 27th. All teams will play starting at 9. The official schedule will be sent out early next week. All teams need to get one practice in before their game.

Please contact Rod Miller 307 534-6534 if you have not heard from your coach by Wednesday March 24th.

We're looking forward to a great season! Let's play soccer!

GOWYO Soccer Board

2021 Spring Soccer Season - Monday, February 8, 2021

Welcome Soccer Players and Fans:

The GOWYO Soccer Board would like to invite all players born between 2006 and 2017 to register at  Our Spring season starts with the first game weekend on March 27th and ends on May 8th.

Players ages 3 & 4: $30
Players ages 5 to 15: $40

Divisions are calculated on Dec 31st of the players birth year.

U05 - 2016 - 2017
U06 - 2015
U08 - 2013 - 2014
U10 - 2011 - 2012
U12 - 2009  - 2010
U15 - 2006  - 2008

Practices will start March 22nd.  First game weekend March 27th.

Please contact Rod Miller 307-534-6534 [email protected] with any questions.

See you on the Pitch,

GOWYO Soccer Board 

GOWYO Soccer - Monday, February 8, 2021
Soccer for ages 3 to 15!  $40 U6 to U15 $30 Peewee 3-4 yr olds


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