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Registration for  Fall 2014 is OPEN! 

Fall 2014 - Recreational Program - U5-U19

Volunteer coaches. One practice per week. Games on Saturday.

U5 - wait list

U6 - wait list - need coach

U7 - wait list

U8 - wait list

U7,8 girls - wait list

U9 - wait list

U10 - wait list

U9,10 girls - wait list

U11,12 coed - wait list

U11,12 girls - wait list

U13,14 coed - wait list

U13,14 girls -  wait list

U15,16 coed - wait list

U15,16 girls - wait list

U19 coed - wait list

U19 girls - wait list

Fall 2014 - Developmental Program 

Two practices per week. Designed curriculum. Staff trainers work with players. 

U5 Developmental Academy 5:00-6:00 - open

U5 Developmental Academy 6:00-7:00 - wait list

U6 Developmental Academy - 2 openings

U7,8 Developmental Academy - wait list

U9,10 Developmental Academy - contact DOC

U11,12 Developmental Academy - contact DOC


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Trainer opportunities

Trainer opportunities

If you are interested in training at the academy or advanced level, contact the DOCs of each program below:

U13+ competitive advance teams, contact:

Girls: Mike Walker 

Boys: Pat Cannon

U5-U12 academy teams, contact:

Sue Hofman

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