Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Kids are active, and we want to give them an outlet for that energy that also teaches them about God. That's why we have an Upward Sports program. Upward Sports is a positive sports experience that offers both parents and kids exactly what they want in a sports league: parents love the family-friendly schedule, welcoming environment and coaches who teach the sport without yelling while kids love the fact that they get to play or cheer every game, make new friends, and have fun learning new skills.

We have four sports that rotate throughout the year: basketball, flag football, soccer, and cheerleading. We also offer special camps for kids during the summer that focus on one or more sport. If you'd like more information, feel free to email us. Biltmore Baptist Church is proud to partner with Upward as a way to teach kids about the love of Jesus Christ through sports. Upward Sports teaches sportsmanship, integrity, and character. It also allows for equal playing time for all participants. Please click the “My Account” tab at the top right corner of this page to begin your parent-based registration process.

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