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DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM (1st Grade/U8 and Younger)

The Blue Mountain Soccer Club's Developmental program is designed to develop the skills of young players, assist the volunteer coaches in learning the game and to provide a forum for fun.  This program can not be successful without volunteers.  Our developmental teams consist of age levels U-5 thru U-8.  Team sizes are kept small in order to increase player time, allow for as many "touches" on the ball as possible, and assist coaches in teaching very vibrant, inquisitive players.  The age groups play in-house on local fields in the Orwigsburg and surrounding communities.  The concepts and overall purpose are easy:  "KIDS COME FIRST".

Key Program Concepts:
1.  Specific soccer skill goals set for each age level
2.  Practices are designed for introducing/developing soccer skills
3.  Structured games are formed to apply learned skills and understand rules of the game
4.  All players play as close to 50% minimum in each game
5.  All players rotate through all positions on field to continue to learn the responsibilities of a position
6.  All games are non-competitive and scorekeeping is discouraged

Every Player will need to supply and bring to each practice and game:

1.  Their own ball (Size 3 ball)
2.  They must wear shin guards UNDERNEATH soccer socks (no hard plastic should be exposed).
3.  A drink (preferably water in a plastic bottle - no glass)
Soccer shoes are not required but are recommended.  NO METAL SPIKES.

Players will be provided a game shirt and a matching pair of soccer socks prior to the beginning of games.  Soccer shorts are NOT supplied by the Club.

Developmental Meeting

Updated 08/02/16


Developmental Season Kickoff Meeting – Aug 1


On Monday, August 1, 2016, the Blue Mountain Soccer Club held a meeting for Coaches and Parents of soccer players entering 1st Grade and grades lower (Kindergarten, Pre-K, etc) in the Fall 2016-17 school year.  An informational handout was provided and can be downloaded HERE.


Developmental rosters are still being finalized, as are practice times and locations.  Your coach will be contacting shortly with team-specific information.


PLEASE consider volunteering to coach.



Field Status

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Eagle Complex (07:22 PM | 11/30/17)

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Cressona Teener Field (07:22 PM | 11/30/17)

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East Brunswick (07:22 PM | 11/30/17)

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Field of Dreams (07:22 PM | 11/30/17)

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