Friday, November 27, 2015



Player passes are individual identification cards required by the CJSA and issued by the US Youth Soccer.  Approximately the size of a credit card, the player passes are shown to the referee at the beginning of each game to verify that a player is an official member of the team.   All players, coaches and the team manager are required to have player passes.   The coach or team manager must bring the player passes to every game. 

Pre-printed player passes are given to the team managers before the fall season.  The team manger assembles the player passes as follows:

¨      Players/coaches/manager supply the team manager with a photograph (approximately 1 ½ “ x 1 ½”) of him/herself.

¨      Photographs are glued to the back of the player pass in the spot marked “Attach Photo Here.”

¨      Players/coaches/managers sign the back of the pass on the line marked “Player Signature.”

¨      Once all passes have photographs and signatures, the passes are stamped with the official CJSA seal.  The travel registrar is responsible for stamping passes.

¨      All stamped player passes are laminated and cut to size.


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