Saturday, November 28, 2015




(Travel / Competitive Program)

Players are expected to be dedicated to the ideas and philosophies of the Club.

Players are expected to attend all training sessions and maintain strict adherence to Coach Instructions.

All players are expected to be on time and properly dressed and equipped for practices. Dress code shall include appropriate shoes, shin guards, t-shirts and soccer shorts. All players must have a ball for all practices and games.

Players attendance at all practice and games is expected, absence due to unusual circumstances should be discussed with the Coach as far in advance of event time as possible. Absences may result in reduced playing time in team's next game or other appropriate corrective action taking by the Coach.

Players are expected to arrive for games a minimum of 30 minutes before game time, dressed and ready to play.

Players are expected to maintain team and Club dress standards. Players may only wear an approved, Club uniform during games and are expected to take pride in their appearance when representing the Club. Shin guards are mandatory at all times. Shirts must be tucked in.

Players must respect officials and accept decisions without question.

Players must train with seriousness towards result. No horseplay will be tolerated during training.

Players must promote teamwork by provide encouragement to teammates. No negative comments towards teammate or coach will be tolerated.

All players are expected to maintain the highest standard of conduct and good sportsmanship. Failure to adhere to these standards may result in suspension by the Coach or Coaching Director and approved by the board.



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