McHenry Soccer Scholarships

Financial Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need and availability of McHenry Soccer funds. Recipients of financial scholarships for the McHenry Soccer program will be required to fulfill hours of volunteer work per season and scholarship reimbursement will be made upon completion of agreed upon hours and activity. McHenry Soccer is not obligated to award scholarships to all applicants. Applications not completed in full will not be reviewed.

Financial Aid recipients are required to sign the McHenry Soccer financial agreement in which the family agrees to the awarded financial responsibility and any payment plan set up between the individual and the club administrator. If the parents of recipients of financial aid do not meet this agreement, McHenry Soccer reserves the right to revoke the scholarship, placing the player in bad financial standing which can result in the removal of playing privileges.

To apply for a scholarship, you must complete an application (see below) and include documented proof of your hardship. Completed Financial Aid applications must be mailed to McHenry Soccer PO Box 423 McHenry, IL, 60051 OR e-mailed to

We also work with Watermark For Kids.  Watermark for Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering kids to fully express themselves and thrive. Through Watermark for Kids, young people are encouraged to build character, strengthen their leadership skills and express their creativity, compassion and spirit. Kids submit applications describing their vision and Watermark for Kids provides the financial support to bring as many of these visions to reality as possible.  Visit for more information.  Click on link below for application.