Saturday, October 22, 2016

Story of Blue Sombrero


Our Story:


Two former professional soccer players turn soccer administrators needed a way to reduce their workload, create a professional image and help them get back to the work at hand…soccer. 


There are no secrets to the story; only hard work with customers to figure out the most efficient way to run a club…a passionate search for simplification born and reborn every day. 


Thanks to our many customers for helping us to be a unifying force in the youth sports world.  Though we have a fantastic team of designers and usability specialists your feedback is gold and it is our most important asset, thank you.    


Who or What is the Blue Sombrero?

It is not as crazy a name as it looks!  The name Blue Sombrero was chosen to always keep a piece of our roots with us.  In actuality, Sombrero is a soccer move.  When a offensive player lifts the ball over a defenders head and runs on to it, it is called a Sombrero.  It is a cultural name that is used in Central and South America, France and parts of Europe.  It got its name from soccer in the streets where young boys played with hats.  If the move was performed right, you could beat a defensive player and take his hat off at the same time…Sombrero!  Still not sure…check this footage out: 


* It starts with some still pictures, and then goes into video of Ronaldinho and Zidane shooting.  Right afterthat it shows Ronaldinho doing the Sombrero 3times in a row!  Great soccer footage and a great move!

Youth Soccer Star Freddy Adu




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