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Board of Directors

Below is a list of the current KCYSA Board of Directors and a brief description of their duties.  This all volunteer panel exists to ensure that the league continues to keep focus on what is most important for the kids.  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions, comments, or concerns.



Coordinate and represent the entire KCYSA program. Conduct monthly and specialty meetings of the Board of Directors and ensure jobs are being completed. Select people to fill non-elected positions on the Board. Assist in registration and draft.

Vice President

Carry out the duties of the President in the event of his/her absence. Assist in registration and oversee the draft. President's liaison to all committees.


Keep minutes for board meetings. Give notice of meetings when directed by the President. Responsible for all correspondence as directed by President and Board of Directors. Send letters of appreciation.


Collect all funds due to the association and disburse payment for all obligations authorized by the Board. Keep books and submit monthly statements to the Board.

Board Meetings

When: 6:30 PM, Second Sunday of each month

Where:  Kewaunee County Building, E4280 County Highway F, Kewaunee, Wisconsin  54216

Mailing Address

PO Box 212
Luxemburg, WI 54217


Director of Coaches

Representative for the coaches. Liaison between the coaches and Board of Directors. Responsible for seeing that every team has a coach and distributing material to coaches.

Director of Equipment

Assist the Director of Purchasing in distributing all of the equipment to the appropriate Directors and equipment coordinators. Keep records of all equipment distributed. Collect, inventory, and store all equipment.

Director of Fields

Locate field sites for games and practices. Enlist volunteers for marking and maintaining fields. Supervise initial layout and marking of fields. Make sure fields are in proper playing condition.

Director of Fundraising

Recruit volunteers and solicit donations for raffle and any other fundraiser approved by the Board.

Director of Parks

Oversee the planning for future improvements to the park and facilities.

Director of Publicity

Responsible for publications to the local media. Maintain or find someone to maitain the KCYSA website.

Director of Purchasing

Purchase uniforms, balls, nets, flags, trophies and all other equipment necessary for the organization. Distribute all equipment to the appropriate Directors.

Director of Referees

Acquire and assign referees for all games. Distribute all appropriate equipment to referees. Set up and inform referees of clinics. Inform President of any problems reported to him/her by the referees.

Director of Registration

Coordinate registration times and locations. Distribute all registration flyers. Collect all registration forms and fees. Register all information for players, coaches and referees with KCYSA and SAY.

Director of Scheduling

Schedule all regular season games and work with Director of Coaches in scheduling make-up games.

Director of Tournaments

Coordinate the tournament weekend including securing facilities, concession, volunteers, work with the Director of Scheduling to come up with a game schedule, help present awards.

If you are interested in helping this year please contact
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