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North United Soccer Club

President's Message


by Greg Helsel

April 7, 2016 - Hello everyone and welcome to Spring! It has been a great winter for soccer with our indoor program showing great results in our teams, and many of our North United players getting recognized on the regional and national levels through Region One events across the globe.

As you know, one of the hottest topics in youth soccer today is the transformation to birth year teams as opposed to school year teams. This is an event that is mandated by US Soccer to put us on the same page with the rest of the world. Here at North United, we are prepared for this change and are looking  forward to the new scenarios created by it. Our stance overall is that we want to do the best we can for our players. If it is better for a player to remain in their birth year, that is where we will encourage him or her to play. If it is better for the player to "play up" a year, then that is what we will advise. Our number one priority is our players and families, and we want each person's experience to be the best it can be!


Greg Helsel
President, North United