Program Expectations


The team formation guidelines will closely follow those of Division 4 teams as adopted by CYSA. Select teams will be formed using the following criteria:

Try-outs are not held for Select. But, since this is a higher level of competition we want to place players with like playing ability. As we have two teams per age group the 24 players will be split into to two teams after the evaluation day, one team playing Bronze/Copper in NorCal or CYSA and the other in Copper or Class 4 in NorCal or CYSA. Also, since this is a higher playing level than recreation, it is recommended that each player have the desire, good knowledge of soccer and skill level, and be reasonably physically and mentally fit to compete at a higher level of competition.

All players signing up for Select will be eligible to play and Final rosters will be determined by the Director of Coaching. Team formation should be completed by mid-June.

It is anticipated that there will be between 2 and 3 teams per age and per gender. Please note that while we have had good success in accommodating almost all requests to participate in Select in past seasons, space is limited and placement is not guaranteed.


  • The Director of Coaching will organize the Coaches selection committee.
  • Interviews will be conducted between April to May.
  • Coaches will be selected based on desire, commitment, license level, PCA Workshop certification, child participating, playing and coaching experience.
  • Coaches will be scrutinized and possibly rejected based upon prior year(s) unsatisfactory performance related to poor role modeling deemed contrary to ideals of the Positive Coaching Alliance and/or any documented disciplinary action.


  • Players are expected to exhibit a higher level of commitment than the recreational division and are expected to participate and be present for a minimum of 90% of the scheduled practices/training sessions beginning in July of the playing season.

  • Those players falling below the 90% minimum attendance level are subject to potential replacement by a player from the waiting list.  Players that are replaced will be given a chance to be placed on a regular recreational team, space permitting. If no space is available, then he or she will be placed at the end of the waiting list for the regular recreational division. Players falling below the 90% attendance will not be removed by the coach, but the coach, parent of the player and Select coordinator will meet to discuss the circumstances. The final determination will be made by the Select coordinator. This ruling can be appealed to the Director of House.  There will be no refund of the Select fee after the June 7 deadline for players not complying with the 90% rule.

  • There are some Sunday games. Approximately 20% to 30% of regular season and tournaments involve Sunday play.

  • Practice/Training sessions will not start until after July 16th of the current playing season. Fusion SC will provide an opportunity to attend training camps in July to help with player development leading up to practices with their respective teams.

  • All players will be given at least 50% playing time based on a per game basis. The 50% can be less based upon health issues, injuries, disciplinary action, red or yellow cards and the player’s own desire to not play

  • Participation requires travel to away matches played outside of Livermore. Teams may be playing more than 50% of their games away from Livermore. Fusion SC teams are guests of the host clubs and will conform to the playing rules and code of conduct of the host club (as may be modified by the joint playing league’s Supplementary or Consolidated rules). In short, the rules may be different than what you are familiar with, when playing outside of Livermore. Fusion SC teams are expected to represent Fusion SC with respect and dignity. The players, coaches, and spectators must conduct themselves with the highest standards of respect for the rules, the officials, and the opponents, and their team. Any Fusion SC coach, player or spectator who is reported, documented or witnessed by any league official from Livermore, or another club, behaving in an unreasonable or disrespecting manner may be subject to disciplinary action as deemed fit by the Fusion SC Disciplinary Committee based upon the extent of said behavior and actions.  Such actions could become cause for a coaches/player’s removal from the Select program.