Chelmsford Youth Soccer Association

Games assigned by the CYSA Referee Director

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The referee director for Chelmsford Youth Soccer assigns games for the in town intramural program and Middlesex Youth Soccer League Travel Games.  Games are assigned based upon the level of competition, referee experience and availability of referees.

In town Intramural U8

All CYSA referees, younger than 16 years old (grade 9), will begin working games at our U8 level.  This is our introductory level and consists of games played with a 4v4 format and no keepers.  You will learn about game management, time keeping, and calling some of the basic laws of the game.  Referees working this level will be paid $17 per game.

In town Intramural U10

Grade 9 referees who have demonstrated sufficient game management skills over a minimum of 3 games are eligible to begin working games at our U10 level.  In town U10 games follow the same modifications of the laws of the game that the MYSL travel games use, thus making a good stepping stone to working travel games.  It is expected that you have developed the required game management skills, understand fouls and call them when appropriate, and communicate well with the coaching staff.  Referees working this level game will be paid $20 per game.

Assistant Referee for MYSL travel games (U12/U14)

Grade 9 referees who have shown a level of confidence and an understanding of the game of soccer at our U8/U10 in town program are eligible to work as an AR at MYSL travel games.  You must understand Law 11 (offside) and be able to communicate with the center referee via use of a flag.  As a general rule, referees must be 2 years older than the players of the game they are assigned.    Thus, in order to AR a U12 game you must be eligible to play at the U14 age group.  Referees who AR a U14 game must be in high school or older.  The pay rate for these games is $17 or $20 depending upon your experience level.

Center Referee for MYSL travel games (U10)

During the fall and spring seasons the CYSA referee director assigns the center referee for all U10 MYSL travel games played on Chelmsford fields.  Typically, these referees are new or developing grade 8 referees or very experienced grade 9 referees.  You must have a good understanding of the modifications of the Laws for U10 travel games approved my MYSL (link to their page here).  MYSL sets the pay rate for these games, currently $20 per game.

Center Referee for MYSL travel games (U12/U14)

During the fall season the CYSA referee director assigns the center referee for all U12/U14 MYSL travel games played on Chelmsford fields.  These games are assigned by the MYSL Referee Assignor in the spring.  Only grade 8 referees can work these games.  You must have a thorough understanding of the Laws of the Game and implement them as expected.  MYSL sets the pay rate for these games, currently $30 for U12 and $35 for U14.

Getting assignments through CYSA

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The process of getting assignments from the CYSA Referee Director is as follows:

1)   Register with the CYSA Referee Director

2)   During the season respond to the weekly ‘Referee Availability’ email

3)   Inform the CYSA Referee Director that you ‘Accept’ your assignments

Once registered with the CYSA Referee Director you will receive a weekly ‘Referee Availability’ request email from the director asking for your availability (times when you can work games on the next indicated day).  Typically, the director will send an email on Saturday evening asking for your availability the next weekend.  You must respond with the requested times by Monday at 5:00pm.  The referee director will then complete the assignments and inform you of your assignments (if any) by Tuesday evening.  The final step is to accept your assignments by Thursday morning or the games will be reassigned.  The method by which games are assigned and accepted is different depending upon which organization the game is for.  All U8/U10 in town intramural games are assigned and accepted via email with the CYSA referee director at   All MYSL travel games (center or AR) are done via the Middlesex Youth Soccer Referee website (  Instructions for receiving and accepting your assignments through MYSL are below.

 A few notes about responding to the ‘Referee Availability’ request email:

1)   Even if you cannot work that weekend, respond letting the referee director know.  If you do not respond after three weeks, the referee director can remove you from the referee database.

2)   Preference for assignments will go to those referees who respond weekly and provide the CYSA referee director with the most flexibility of time for assignments.  If you only are available every other week for 2-3 hours, then most likely you will not get any assignments.

3)   Be very specific about your availability.  Saying ‘afternoon’ or ‘morning’ is not enough information for the assignor.  Responses that are specific, such as ‘From 8am to 1pm’ allow the referee director to align your availability with games.

The MYSL referee website ( is used to assign games, accept games and report games for all MYSL travel games.  Begin by requesting a MYSL referee number on the website.  The MYSL Referee Coordinator will respond to you with your number.  Then provide this number to the CYSA Referee Director.  All game assignments will then come through automated emails from the referee website.  Once you are assigned a game, and have received the automated email, you must login to the website and accept the assignment.  During the season it is good practice to check the website on Tuesday evening for your assignments.  Once the game is completed, you must then report the game on the MYSL referee website otherwise you will not be paid for the game.