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Concussion Education

In various parts of the country, States are introducing laws regarding concussion and youth sports, similar to which was passed on December 20th by the state of Ohio. The bill defines the responsibility of players, parents, coaches, referees and league officials when a player is believed to exhibiting the signs, symptoms or behavior of a person who may have sustained a concussion.

A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are SERIOUS. A concussion may be caused by a bump, blow, jolt to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body with an impulsive force transmitted to the head. The injury can range from mild to severe and disrupt the way the brain normally works. Although many concussions are mild, concussions of any type are serious and can result in severe complications if not managed properly. This can include prolonged brain damage and even death.

 Laws such as the one passed in Ohio, contain four main provisions, these are

 · SAY Soccer Districts and Areas are responsible and must make available to every player and their parents an information sheet, that has been developed by their State department of Health. SAY soccer will have available on their website an information page under the risk management section, highlighting key points and recommendations on concussion.

 · SAY Soccer will provide an information page on their website of recommendations for all coaches and referees advising them of their individual responsibilities. As previously mentioned each State will share their own criteria on what coaches, referees need to follow. Below is a link to highlight the minimum required standard in Ohio.

 Ohio Concussion Standard

· Many states are now asking that all coaches and referees to take an online training certification, before they are allowed to work with youth soccer players. SAY soccer recommends the National Federation of High schools course. This is free of charge and can be found at the following link.

National Federation of High Schools Concussion Coarse

The final part of the law involves the removal of the player and the return to play. Key points in this are as follows:

 · Coaches, referees, or officials must remove from play an athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion during practice or a game.

 · The athlete cannot return to play on the same day that he she is removed after exhibiting signs of a concussion.

 · The athlete is not permitted to return to play until he/she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider approved by the Youth sports organization and received written clearance.

 Please check the minimum requirements needed from your State as failing to comply with the laws such as this may face you with a civil liability lawsuit.

 Finally we fully recognize that there are a significant number of questions that still need to be asked and answered. We anticipate being able to present a comprehensive set of guidelines and recommendations by the US Soccer Federation on our website no later than Friday March 15th 2013

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