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Youth Program FAQ's

What is changing with the youth program at CDO Soccer Club?

As our club has continued to grow in recent seasons, we recognized the need for a new role to be created to better help us serve the children and families in the entry level of our program.

With this in mind, we have appointed Bubba Delgado as our Director of Youth Player Development (DYPD) to oversee the youth program at CDO Soccer, to make sure that our volunteers coaches get the support they need to best help kids starting out in soccer get positive coaching, an enjoyable soccer experience and age appropriate coaching.

We've also appointed Mike Kevershan as our Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) to deal with the administration of our youth program and to make sure any parent questions are dealt with in a timely manner -- Contact Mike .

Your $95 annual registration fee goes a long way - here's what you get.

  • Free weekly age appropriate group coaching sessions (U5-U6 & U7-U8) conducted by an advanced, nationally licensed coach.
  • Game  uniform, including a CDO jersey, shorts and socks. This is now included in our registration fee.
  • Access to free (professionally coached) weekly goalkeeper training sessions (Nov- Jan). We don't use keepers yet, but we're offering a head start for those who'd like to give it a try later!
  • Access to free weekly speed & agility sessions (Nov - Jan; courtesy of our friends at Desert Speed School), to help young players gain coordination, agility and technique to help gain speed!

Do you need volunteers?

Yes, and no!

At CDO Soccer Club we're trying to offer great opportunities for every player we have, not just the "better" players. We also aim to challenge players showing early potential too, so it is important all volunteers buy into our method of focusing on performance first. Just trying to win games in youth soccer makes no sense - everyone is trying to win, we're looking to help young players get better.

We need a particular kind of volunteer. Rather than simply supervising activities, we aim to teach our volunteer coaches how to do the best job and offer great resources to do so.

  • Seminars on teaching techniques with nationally recognized teachers
  • Regular coach education opportunities and paid introductory licensing courses
  • Online specialist youth coaching content from professional soccer clubs
  • Our own CDO Soccer Club Youtube channel with games, activities and self generated content
  • A Director of Youth Player Development to help mentor coaches on both the technical aspects of soccer, and how to plan and run training sessions that are fun and educational

When can I sign up?

Now!  We are starting to register families for the 2014-2015 season.   Click Here to sign up
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