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CDO Soccer Club will resume an 'in house' soccer league based in NW Tucson for our U5-U8 players starting with training and games in August 2014. Games will take place at James D Kriegh Park and/or Riverfront Park, with games potentially in the Continental Ranch area for Marana based teams.

One of the areas we're improving for our youth players is their ability to get on the field and play a little sooner, so we're kicking off in August rather than waiting until late October for games to begin.


Our league has a format that is recommended by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) to maximize player development as well as being supported by FIFA, the world governing body of soccer.

In playing small sided games, children get more playing time, more touches on the ball and more opportunities to try out techniques learned at practice. It also allows our coaches to evaluate the level of play more accurately for each player, and to help plan practices to work on a broad range of individual techniques, leading into small group tactics.

We do not keep score of these games - it is a misconception that players focus on the outcome (although some will keep score in their head for sure!). This notion tends to come from parents who are more focused on who 'wins' rather than on the development of techniques that will stand a player in better stead later in their soccer career.

We ask our coaches to use goal setting as a measure of success - how often players try to do things taught in training during games.

For example, if the coaches have been teaching the technique of a particular '1v1 move' to dribble past an opponent, the coach counts the number of times the players try it during the game.

+1pt for trying it
+2pts for trying it in the right situation
+3pts for trying it and executing it sucessfully in the right situation

The coach challenges the players to beat a certain score either individually, or as a team. The by product of this is a willingness on the part of the player to focus on the mastery of technique (skill), rather than taking short cuts (such as just booting the ball downfield and outrunning an opponent) in order to "win".


  • All in-house games are 3v3
  • Rolling substitutions (to reduce delays to the game)
  • Kick/dribble in (rather than a throw in)
  • Use of smaller soccer balls and mini goals (age appropriate)
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