Coed Winter Futsal League

January - February

Ages 11-14

AC Cugini is first and foremost a soccer academy - and one that follows the Italian  National Olympic Committee  sanctioned scuola calcio program - which runs from August through June outdoors without interruption. In keeping with the Italian scuola calcio program, AC Cugini travel teams practice outdoors 2-3 days a week in winter. Playing outdoors also helps improve a player's overall conditioning for the Spring season and creates a more authentic playing experience than playing indoor soccer where the ball bounces off sideboards.In 2013, AC Cugini enhanced its travel team winter training program by adding an outdoor futsal league on Sundays, available at no extra fee for players enrolled in the 11-month travel program.


  • Lake Fairfax Park, turf field 4

  • Sundays: between 2:00 and 5:00pm (Team Managers will send exact game times)

 All players must:
  •  Dress appropriately for cold weather (warmups, sweats, hat, gloves)
  • Wear turf  soccer shoes (or sneakers) and shinguards.
  • Note: Cugini will provide all players with pennies during games.


Program-related questions: 

Contact the instructor Fabio Diletti: 703.477.5957;

Field Status

Open Open

LakeFairfax 1 (05:49 PM | 04/04/14)

Open Open

Lake Fairfax 4 (05:49 PM | 04/04/14)

Open Open

Stratton Woods Field 1 (05:49 PM | 04/04/14)

Open Open

Baron Cameron 5 (05:49 PM | 04/04/14)

Open Open

Baron Cameron 6 (05:49 PM | 04/04/14)