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Adult LEague Rules

Loudoun Soccer Adult League Rules


Registration will be done on a team basis through the league’s online registration system.  An initial deposit as determined by the league is required to accept the registration.  All league fees must be paid in full by the deadline set by Loudoun Soccer.

Registrations submitted after the deadline may be rejected.

House teams (individually registered players organized by Loudoun Soccer into a team) may be formed at the discretion of the league.


·         Team rosters must be completed and submitted by the posted deadline.

·         Each team may roster up to 18 players, and must carry a minimum of 10 players.  A maximum of 14 players may dress for each game.

·         All players must sign a waiver and release of liability for participating; this may be completed through online registration.  Any team that fields a player who has not completed the online registration and waiver will forfeit that match.

·         A roster “freeze” date (in which teams may no longer add new players to their rosters for that season) may be set by the league, and will be communicated to team captains.


  • Men’s Open: the most competitive option available for men.  The league is open for players age 18 and older.
  • Men’s 30+: any player turning age 30 within that calendar year is eligible to participate.  Ex: any player turning age 30 during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) is eligible to play.
  • Men’s 40+: any player turning age 40 within that calendar year is eligible to participate.  Ex: any player turning age 40 during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) is eligible to play.
  • Women’s Open: the most competitive option available for women.  The league is open for players age 18 and older.
  • Co-Ed Open: the most competitive option available in Co-Ed (men and women).  The league is open for players age 18 and older.
  • Co-Ed 30+: any player turning age 30 within that calendar year is eligible to participate. Ex: any player turning age 30 during the calendar year (January 1 to December 31) is eligible to play.
  • Mens College Open and Womens College Open (summer session only): this league may be offered during the summer months (May, June and July) for men and women age 18-23 as a competitive option for college soccer players.

Prior to each match: all players must provide a photo ID to verify their status within the team roster; those unable to do so are prohibited from competing in that match.

Guest players are prohibited; only players appearing on the team’s official roster and having signed the waiver and release of liability are eligible to participate.

Teams found to have utilized guest players in a match will forfeit the match in question by a 0-3 score and may be subject to further league discipline.


Teams are responsible for providing their own uniforms.  Players on each team MUST wear matching, numbered shirts or jerseys; the numbers should be a minimum of 6 inches in height and visible on the back of the shirts.  Teams are encouraged to purchase reversible jerseys or two sets of shirts (light and dark) to manage uniform color conflicts

·         Each player must have his/her own shirt or jersey and unique uniform number, matching the roster submitted to the league.

·         Trading shirts during substitutions is prohibited.

·         Matching shorts and socks are encouraged but are not required.

·         A team failing to have all of its players wearing matching uniforms can still play the game with the consent of their opponent, but the team will forfeit the match by a 0-3 score.

·         The League Director will have final say on what constitutes a uniform.


·         All players must wear shin guards.  Soccer cleats are permitted.

·         No jewelry of any kind may be worn during game play - wedding rings are permitted.

·         Hard casts and braces are subject to the referee’s approval; if permitted, they must be covered and padded to the referee’s discretion.


All play will be governed by FIFA Laws of the Game with the following modifications:

Match Length:

All matches are 50 minutes in length (two x 25 minute halves) with a four minute half-time.  Any match that must declare a winner (quarterfinal, semifinal or championship matches) that end in regulation in a tie will proceed directly to FIFA Kicks from the Mark; only players on the field at the end of regulation are eligible to participate.

Any game reaching half time may be declared a completed game if it is suspended due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  All matches abandoned due to weather or other circumstances will be reviewed to determine whether the result stands, it should be replayed in its entirety, resumed at the point of suspension or declared a forfeit.

Minimum Number of Players:

The playing format is 7v7.  Teams must have at least five (5) players to begin the match.  The clock begins when the referee signals the start of the match; teams with fewer than five players have a 15-minute grace period before the match is forfeited.  Forfeited matches result in a 0-3 score.

Co-Ed Rules:

Teams must field at least two (2) female players at all times; the goalkeeper is not included in this requirement.

Teams unable to field two females will play short (if only one female player is present, they will play with one less player; if no female players are present, they will play with two fewer players).


Teams are permitted an unlimited number of substitutions.  Substitutions may be made at the following stoppages:

1.     all goal kicks

2.     the possessing team’s throw-in (for teams in possession of the ball)

3.     the possessing team’s throw-in (for defending teams, if the team in possession is also substituting players)

4.     all kickoffs

5.     injuries (1-for-1 – if an injured player is subbed, the opposing team may also sub a player)

All substitutes must petition the referee before entering the field.

Bench Areas:

Teams will occupy the same touchline on opposite halves of the field; a team may have one designated coach in their bench area.  Spectators and fans from each team should occupy the touchline and half on the opposite side of the field.

Spectator/Fan Control:

Only rostered/uniformed players are permitted to be on the field during games.  Each team is responsible for the actions and conduct of their fans and spectators.  Referees and/or league officials reserve the right to expel fans and spectators, and may discipline teams accordingly.

Slide Tackles and General Sliding:

Slide tackling (sliding and tackling a ball and an opponent) is not permitted at any time, except for goalkeepers, as long as it is in their penalty area and is not feet-first.  Sliding for a ball without an opponent present is permitted.

Infractions result in a direct kick; infractions inside the attacking team’s penalty area results in a penalty kick.

Off Side:

Offside is enforced only in the area between the opposing team’s penalty area and goal line; this includes the area outside of the penalty area between the penalty area, touchline and goal line.


Players in between the opposing team’s penalty area and mid-field cannot be in an offside position.

Goalkeeper Distribution:

Goalkeepers may not punt or drop-kick the ball over mid-field.  Goalkeepers may throw the ball and play the ball from the ground over mid-field.

Infractions of this rule will result in a direct free kick from the point the ball crossed the midfield line.

Game Day Procedures:

Team captains are to provide an official Loudoun Soccer Adult League game report to their referee; game report templates will be sent by the league to team captains, and may also be available online.

All players listed on the game report MUST also be listed in the team’s online roster and have a completed waiver; teams that fail to comply will forfeit that match and may face additional discipline.

Prior to the match, all participating players must provide the referee a photo ID that lists both their name and date of birth to verify their eligibility and identify.  The referee will return these IDs immediately after reviewing them before kickoff.

Upon completion of the match, a team captain or designee from each team should sign their game report to confirm the accuracy of scores and any player cautions and/or send-offs.

The referee is responsible for the following post-match tasks:

1.      place game report in designated drop-box at park;

2.      submit online score report to link provided by assignor;

Regular Season, Playoffs, Standings and Tie-Breakers:

Teams will play a seven-game regular season (four-team divisions will play a six-game regular season, with a semifinal and championship match); playoff seeding will be determined by regular season point standings:

3 points for a win

1 point for a tie

0 points for a loss

Tiebreakers—Two Teams are Tied

If two teams are tied on the basis of points earned, the team’s placement will be determined in accordance with the following sequential criteria:

(a) Winner of head to head competition

(b) Winner of most games (all games).

(c) Best Goal spread (goals scored minus goals against) in all games (4 goal max per game)

(d) Fewest goals allowed.

(e) Coin Toss

Tiebreakers—Three or More Teams That Are Tied

If three or more teams are tied on the basis of points earned, the final rankings will be determined in accordance with the following sequential criteria. If a criterion creates a situation where the tie is broken, then the tiebreaker for the teams that are tied resorts to the two team tiebreaker specifically for those teams.

(a) Points earned in head to head competition among the teams

(b) Winner of most games (all games).

(c) Best Goal spread (goals scored minus goals against) in games among the tied teams (4 goal max per game)

(d) Best Goal spread (goals scored minus goals against) in all games (4 goal max per game)

(e) Fewest goals allowed in games among the tied teams

(f) Fewest goals allowed in all games.

(g) Drawing of lots.

Playoff games tied after regulation will proceed directly to FIFA Kicks from the Mark.  Only players on the field are eligible to participate.

Discipline and Suspensions:

Players receiving two cautions in a game will serve a minimum of a one game suspension.

Players sent-off (red card) in a match will serve a minimum one game suspension.  Players receiving a second red card during a season will serve a minimum two game suspension, and may be subject to further discipline.

All suspensions are to be served with the next physically played match.

The suspended player is not required to attend the next match.  The suspended player should be noted on that match’s game report as serving a suspension; failing to do so may require the player to sit an additional match.

Players who play or attempt to play during a suspension will be suspended for the rest of the season, and their team may face further penalties.

Any match that includes fighting or violent conduct may be abandoned immediately.  The match will not be rescheduled or replayed and the circumstances of the match will be reviewed by the league director, resulting in any of the following:

  • Match forfeiture for one or both teams (a team forfeiting a match loses 0-3; if both teams forfeit, the score will not be recorded and no points awarded);
  • Suspension of guilty players;
  • Expulsion of guilty players and/or teams from the league;
  • Banishment of guilty players and/or teams from the league.

Teams with excessive cautions and send-offs may be subject to a full team suspension without refund, subject to the discretion of the league commissioner.

Loudoun Soccer Park Rules:

  • Food/beverages, gum and sports drinks are prohibited from being consumed on the turf fields; only water is permitted on the field.
  • Only players and coaches allowed on the fields (between the lines); spectators should remain off the playing field.
  • Multiple matches may be in play at Loudoun Soccer Park; players, coaches and spectators should be vigilant and aware of the action around them.
  • Rubber soled (molded) cleats are permitted, but should be clean of any dirt before using them on turf; screw-in (metal studded) cleats are prohibited.
  • All participants and spectators are expected to keep their areas clean of any garbage (water bottles, tape, etc).
  • Parking: parking is available at Loudoun Soccer Park both in lots adjacent to the fields as well as near Sycolin Road.
  • Follow parking flow signs in and out of park.
  • Park only in designated spaces; do not park on grass or dirt areas.


Adult League Team Registration for the Fall 2014 season is now open.  Registration deadline: August 19.  Registration is on a first come, first served basis.


Fall 2014 League Registration Fee - only $725 per team
Form your teams now!  Team Captains: click on the link below to register for your team.  If your team played in the Summer 2014 season, please locate the email address and 6-digit Team Captain code used during that season, so that your team roster will transfer from Summer to Fall.

Deadline: August 19

Registration is CLOSED


Individual players can also register to join a house team - only $85 per player (includes a numbered t-shirt).
Click on the link below to register:


Deadline: August 19

Registration is CLOSED for all divisions.

Individual players may also join a "Free Agent" list which will be published on this page; captains of teams looking to add players may use this list to contact interested players.

Individuals without a team have a better chance of playing by registering for a House team than by joining the "Free Agent" list.

To join the "Free Agent" list, click HERE


Sean Maxwell, Adult Leagues Director

League Nights

League Nights:


  • Monday: Men's 30+

  • Tuesday: Women's Open

  • Wednesday: Men's Open

  • Thursday: Co-Ed 30+ and Men's 40+

  • Friday: Co-Ed Open


Games on weeknights (Monday-Friday) will be played at 9:05 PM and 10:10 PM.

All games are 50 minutes (two, 25-minute halves).