Mako Soccer Club

Think Recycle Program

Mako Soccer Club Protects the Environment While Raising Money!

Mako Soccer club is participating in the Think Recycle program, which gathers unwanted cell phones, inkjets, toner cartridges and digital cameras from the community and exchanges them for money. Greentec, the company behind Think Recycle, then processes and recycles the products, diverting the electronic waste from entering local landfill sites.

“Our usual fundraising activities are great, but the Think Recycle program directly protects the environment. This way we can stop filling up our landfills with electronic waste and fund raise at the same time!”

Over 300 million empty printer cartridges are generated in North America every year, or 900,000,000 pounds of waste that can potentially end up in a landfill. The Think Recycle program has been responsible for the diversion of more than one million cartridges from landfills and has provided nearly $3 million in funding to its participants. More than 20,000 schools in North America participate in the Think Recycle program, says Tony Perrotta, President of Greentec.

In addition to giving money for unwanted cell phones, inkjets, toner cartridges and digital cameras, Think Recycle donates money to have one tree planted, through American Forests or Tree Canada, for every 24 qualifying products collected by Mako Soccer Club. The Think Recycle program has
paid for the planting of more than 50,000 trees, effectively removing 8700 tones of carbon from the atmosphere.

“With Think Recycle, not only are you helping Mako Soccer Club raise money for Mako Sponsored Scholarships, equipment, keep registration fees affordable and all maintenance costs associated with running a club, but you get to directly protect the environment and do a good thing.”

The public can drop off unwanted cell phones, inkjets, toner cartridges and digital cameras by contacting Eulises Munoz at 561-818-3115 or

Based in Cambridge, Ontario, the Think Recycle Program is a division of 
Greentec, a world leader in reverse logistics. Greentec specializes in the 
collection and recycling of e-waste items such as cell phones, inkjets, toner 
cartridges and digital cameras. Visit www.thinkrecycle and
for more information.