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Game Cards & Reports

All game reports are now process through the Arbiter software. 

Loudoun Soccer uses Arbiter to enter gamecard infomation. As in the past, only the center referee is responsible for completing the game report. The assistant referees do not have to enter anything into the system. 

Everyone should keep track of the games they work. At the end of the season you want to make sure you are paid for all your hard work. 

Instructions for completing the gamecard (Center Referees only): 

  1. 1. Login into Arbiter at 
  2. 2. Look at your schedule. Remember to check ’show all’ on the left to see all of your games. 
  3. 3. To the right of the game number there is a red "R". 
  4. 4. Click on the R and you will see the game report. 
  5. 5. Fill in the scores. 
  6. 6. All other information must be entered in the comments field. 

  • If your assistant referees don’t match what is in the system, you need to state that in the comments field. You should also e-mail the assignor who scheduled you for that game to alert them to the change. 

  • If coaches, players or parents behaved badly, enter a comment. Make sure you include which coach, team and/or players. 

  • If there were any cards issued, enter card color, team, player name and number in the comments. (If you issue a red card, you must also e-mail the Referee Director immediately at with a full explanation of the situation. 

  • If your ARs performed exceptionally good or exceptionally bad, put that in the comments too. 

  • Make sure your comments include all of the necessary information so problems can be addressed. 

  • Save the information before you leave the form. 

  • If games worked are missing from your Arbiter schedule, contact the assignor who scheduled you for that game. Future games may not have been added yet, but we are working on getting them in. 


As a reminder, when you are e-mailing your assignor, please include your first and last name at the bottom of the message. We can help you better (and quicker) when we know who you are.