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Parent Responsibilities

Thank you for choosing to have your child participate in Loudoun Soccer's Mini Soccer Program. We have professional trainers that will be working with the players as well as volunteer coaches and assistant coaches, however, you also play an important role in the program. Please note the following guidelines that will help all involved have the best possible soccer experience.

  • Check the schedule every day before leaving for the field - know the time and field number.
  • Volunteer to help the coach when asked. It won't hurt and it's a resume builder.
  • Check the Mini Soccer page of the website weekly as emails will be kept to a minimum.
  • Encouraging children in a positive way is most welcome. There are no winners or losers - just soccer players having a great time.
  • We are here to have fun, learn some soccer and enjoy being/watching kids.
  • This is not a drop-off program. There needs to be a responsible adult in attendance for all players.
  • Do not ask to have younger/older siblings join either the skills & drills or the games - it's an insurance issue.
  • Older siblings (under 18) may not  help coach on the field during sessions - it's an insurance issue.
  • Set up the goals at the beginning of the session.
  • Do not bring pets of any type. They are not allowed at any site. Please share this with others the first day to avoid future issues. Polite compliance is expected.
  • There is no smoking at any site.
  • ALL trash (this means every little straw wrapper) must be picked up from around the fields. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors if you must and the loser is the Trash Czar, but please make sure to leave only footprints.
  • Do not bring items with nuts or nut oils. Not only do we have players with allergies, but, there are siblings that get into the snacks, while not being watched, that may have allergies.
  • Please watch or make sure to have someone watch siblings during the sessions. We are a community of families that treasure our children and can not imagine the pain if one of them is violated/disappears.
  • Players must have a size 3 ball, shin guards, water and dress for the weather. Again - ALL players must have shin guards. Players can not be on the field if they do not have shin guards - it's an insurance issue. Please equip your child properly.
  • Know your team number and the coach name.
  • Check the website before arriving at the field, especially in bad weather. League wide cancellations may be posted on the Home page. Cancellations may also be made by the site coordinator during the middle of the day as weather conditions dictate (this is called Game Time Decision) so teams may have to go to the field and check.
  • You are responsible for dealing with your child's misbehavior. Please report parent misbehavior to the site coordinator or Sharon Wells at
  • Parents should encourage players from the sidelines not from behind the goals.
  • Coaches & Assistant coaches only will kick/throw balls back onto the fields.
  • Please make sure to thank the coaches, assistant coaches and trainers. They are caring people who share themselves with us so that we can have a good time.
  • Most sites generally have Port-A-Potties, however, you may want to make sure you don't have to use them.
  • Happy soccer player/parents arrive a little early to avoid the stress of being late. But, if you are late, it's perfectly okay.
  • Have to choose between Great Aunt Sarah's 100th birthday party and soccer? Go see Aunt Sarah. We will miss you, but, some things are more important than soccer!