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MSP in a Nutshell

All of the questions you have about the Mini Soccer Program will be answered in the Mini Soccer area of the website in the articles and links so please find some time to read everything especially if you are new to the program.  The articles will be posted/updated as information is available/relevant so please check back here often as mass emails may not be sent.

The MSP meets for seven Saturday only sessions that last 45 minutes for U3/U4 and 60 minutes for U5/U6 each.  U6 teams will also have one practice each week. We will try to have make-ups for sessions that are rained out. We may not be able to make up more than one session.

MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE WEBSITE OFTEN as there will be few emails. New information will be posted when ready. Feel free to be patient and wait for your questions to be answered or email if you see errors, omissions or need advice.

Coaches - Please pay attention to the dates in the Coaches Corner if they say Mini Soccer Program or MSP. You may attend any of the meetings but please be aware that we have our own meetings for training and distribution of equipment .

U stands for Under. Your child is placed by their age as of August.  So, if a child turned 3 on July 29, that child would play in the U4 (Under 4) program fall and spring seasons. If the child turned 3 on November 15, the child will be listed as a U3 player.  A U5 player is one who turns 5 after Aug 1.  If your child played U5 in the fall season, they will be U5 in the spring.  They change age groups in the fall.  Please email with questions concerning registration.  Please make sure that all requests concerning placement are made at the time of the original registration application.  Please, please, please make sure that you update your contact information in the Registration Center. If you have questions accessing it, please email or call the registrar at 703-777-9977.
The parents, coaches, spectators as well as the players are here to have fun learning the game of soccer. The Program Director and Trainers will do everything they can to assure that you have a positive soccer experience. Should you have any questions, concerns or comments at any time, please do not hesitate to email . We can only improve with your help.

U3 & U4 Micro Soccer Formats - (U3 is only available in the Spring) 
Soccer activities will be conducted by professional trainers who have a special talent for working with the youngest of players. A volunteer coach will manage the team and assist the trainers all seven weeks. Emphasis is on enhancing player abilities in a fun environment. Players will participate in age appropriate drills and games that will help build a solid foundation for skills to be learned later. Please do not expect the same "structure" and games for the U3's that you see older players do. The U4’s will start to play games (one "team" playing another) when they are developmentally able (some teams will start The Big Game in the Fall session, some may start in the Spring session).  Once sessions are assigned they will meet at the same time each week.

U5 & U6 Mini Soccer Format 

Players will be assigned to a team that will be coached by Parent Volunteers, who will be mentored by our Professional Trainers the first three sessions. Players will participate in age appropriate instruction for the first 20 minutes of each session, have a small break and then transition into The Big Game. Games will be played under the Dual Game Format. The Dual Game format allows for teams of 8 players to play two small-sided (3 v 3) games at the same time on side-by-side fields. Each Coach and Assistant will run one side (with the help of the trainer for the first 3 weeks) of the field… balancing players as the game continues and matching up levels of play to get the optimum playing situation on each side. Don’t worry, the fields are very close to each other, and parents will be allowed to sit around the two fields, so minimum seat moving is required to get the best view of your tot. Parents may not sit behind the goals.

U5/U6 teams will play once a week at the same time each week on Saturdays - their fields will change to play other teams (field #1 to field #2 for example) but the facility will remain the same.  The U6 teams will also have one practice a week.

Please note - your Internet Provider needs to accept mail from You will also receive emails from your coach, the Age Group Coordinator, your commissioner, and the Loudoun Soccer office, so please make sure you can receive and read these.