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Mini Soccer Coaches Information

This area is for MSP Coaches and Assistant Coaches.

Medals/End of Season Awards -
The medals will be given to Age Group Coordinators. The AGC's will contact coaches. Coaches only may get them or request their Asst Coach to get them. As a coach, you decide when you would like to distribute them - at a party, during the 6th session or wait until the last session. It's up to you. Here's are some tips: 1) survey your parents to see who is going to attend the last session. If there are going to be players missing and you are going to distribute them with pomp & circumstance, you may want to do it at the 6th session; 2) if you are not going to attend the last session, you should do it at the 6th session; 3) if you have players whose parents have been motivating them by telling them they will get a medal (trophy) if they play, you may want to wait until the 7th session; 4) hide the medals from the players until you hand them out; 5) wait until the end of the session to hand them out; 6) please be careful if you demonstrate how they can put the ribbon on their finger and twirl the medal in the air.

Please make sure all players receive a medal.  Return leftover medals to the office after June 15.

MSP Director - Please contact Sean at, 703-777-9977 ext.112 or 703-618-6076 anytime. We appreciate feedback so if you see errors or have comments/ complaints/ compliments/ suggestions please let us know. The coaches, assistant coaches, parents and trainers have worked together to develop the best soccer program available to families in Loudoun county and only you can help us continue to meet and exceed that commitment.