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AGC Information

Loudoun Soccer Age Group Coordinator Information

This area of the web site is intended for use by Loudoun Soccer Age Group coordinators so that they have a central location for accessing the information they need when doing team formation each season.
The topics listed are currently available for coordinators.  These topics have been updated for the current season, and all coordinators should review them to be sure they have the information they need.  More topics will be added as they are identified.  Coordinators may also want to review the information that is provided on the Registration Center page so they know what is being communicated to the general public in regard to team formation.
If you have any questions, please contact your regional commissioner.

Kidsafe Information

As an AGC, it is your job to find coaches and assign them to teams. Before you can assign a coach to a team, you MUST ensure that they have completed the KidSafe form on-line (it will show up as ’submitted’ on your coach selection screen). Once it is submitted and processed, the background check will be run by the office. After the background check has been done and passed, they will be "APPROVED" to coach. 

  • Volunteers will NOT be allowed to coach if they have not completed the KidSafe process or been approved with a background check. 
  • DO NOT assign coaches to teams if they are not 'APPROVED". (You will see this on your coach selection screen.) 

If you have any questions on this, please contact the office at 703-777-9977 or email

Thank you,
KidSafe Management Team

Finding Coaches

The biggest challenge for coordinators is trying to find new coaches when there are more players for teams than people who volunteered as coaches or assistant coaches. To find additional coaches, the following tactics can be used: 

1) Send a broadcast e-mail message to all player parents to let them know how many more coaches you need (the AGC software allows you to extract e-mail addresses for your player parents). When people receive these messages they often think about their own ability to take on the role and decline the request based on their limited abilities or schedule constraints. When you send out the message, give them other options to consider such as the following: 
  • Is there an older sibling or other relative who could coach a team in a parent’s place? 
  • Do parents know of any friends or neighbors who do not have children playing soccer but might want to coach a team? 
  • Would parents be willing to coach a team with help from another parent (co-coaches)? 
  • Let parents know that if they have the time but not the knowledge, Loudoun Soccer provides free coaching clinics at the beginning of each season. 

2) Contact a nearby high school to see if any older students are looking for opportunities to get community service credits by coaching a team. 

3) Check the list of non-parent coach volunteers to see if any live in your area and want to coach a team in your age group.

Region Commissioners

AGC Calendar - Spring 2014

  • Feb 15:  On time Registration Ends/Wait List begins 8pm
  • Feb 16: MSP Team Counts due to  MSP Commissioners
  • Feb 20: MSP Schedules due to Director of MSP
  • Mar 1:   Team Counts due to Rec Commissioners
  • Mar 8:  Team Counts due to Rec Program Manager
  • Mar 17:  Rosters Available on line for Coaches and Players
  • Mar 17:  Team information posted in household information
  • Mar 20:  Pre-Season Coach Meeting & Clinic - South Riding
  • Mar 21:  Refund Request Deadline for MSP players
  • Mar 24:  Pre-Season Coach Meeting & Clinic - West
  • Mar 28:  Refund Request Deadline for Recreational players
  • Mar 22:  Pre-Season Coaches Meeting - Leesburg
  • Mar 24: Fields Open for Practice for Rec Teams
  • Mar 25: Pre-Season Coaches Meeting - Ashburn/Brambleton/Sterling
  • Mar 29: MSP & TOPSoccer First Sessions
  • Apr 5:   Rec First Games