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CDO Classic Tournament Rules

CDO Classic Rules

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Tim Parfrey’s name became locally known when the headline in the Arizona Daily Star Read, “14 YEAR OLD PLAYER DIES ON FIELD AFTER CDO SOCCER MATCH.” 

That was the November 2, 1994 edition of the local Tucson newspaper. Tim had been playing his second game of that day, October 30th, and there was no sign that anything was wrong. The games were taking place in Sierra Vista, and were wrapping up the first half of the club soccer season. High School soccer would begin the very next day, and Tim would have tried out for the freshman team at his high school, Canyon Del Oro.

None of that was to be. Tim collapsed at the end of his second game, stopped breathing, and could not be revived. He had an enlarged heart, which had gone undetected, and the effort was too much for him. Sadly, his life was suddenly ended. But Tim had spent his last moments doing the thing he loved most – playing soccer.

His teammates remembered him, all the families in the soccer community came together to support the Parfreys, and we all said our good-byes to Tim. Tim is remembered fondly, especially when there are kids out on the field somewhere, having fun playing soccer.

The TIM PARFREY FAIR PLAY AWARD places increased emphasis on the importance of player, coach and sideline conduct. Game officials will rate the player, coaches and sidelines following each game and present this rating along with the game card to the site Field Marshall. In the event of a tie score at the conclusion of the Tournament, the winner will be determined by a blind draw conducted by the Tournament Director or other Tournament official.

Coaches are encouraged to remind player, parents and other supporters, of the importance of good sportsmanship. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players and spectators while t the CDO Soccer Classic. Good Sportsmanship remains a priority on the soccer field, and all are asked to honor the memory of Tim through their positive actions on our tournament weekend and throughout the season..


In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all Tournament Rules to safely and fairly complete the tournament.  The Tournament Committee decision will consider the health and safety of the players, but also the need to prevent the destruction of the fields and facilities, some of which are operated by organizations we have no control over.

Coaches are asked to remain flexible to the changes in fields/locations as required and to keep in contact with Tournament Officials for these changes. CDO Classic Tournament information can be found on our hotline number 520-820-0766, or our website or follow @cdosoccerfields on Twitter for any pertinent weather/field updates.

The policies for the games are:

  1. All games as scheduled.

  2. Eliminate pre-game warm-up on fields.

  3. Implement item “B” above plus shorten all first round (preliminary) games.

  4. U9 & U10 . . . . . . . . . 2 halves of 15 minutes
    U11 & U12 . . . . . . . . 2 halves of 20 minutes
    U13 & U14 . . . . . . . . 2 halves of 20 minutes

  5. Implement items “B” and “C” plus shorten all semi-final and final games.

  6. In the event the field conditions are unplayable as determined by the Tournament Committee or those parties in control of the fields, games in question will be decided by: Penalty Kicks from the mark. (FIFA rules apply)



All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws except s specifically modified by these Rules.

  • Two (2) fourteen minute halves with a 5 minute half time
  • No player shall play more than two games in one day
  • 4v4 No Goalkeepers
  • Goal Kicks taken from anywhere on the goal line
  • Throw ins will be taken from the spot the ball left the field, but NOT monitored for correct technique
  • All free kicks are direct and opponents are at least four (4) yards from the ball until it is in play.
  • A team trailing by a 3 goal differential may put an extra player on the field
  • No offside
  • A goal may not be scored directly from a kick off.
  • All other Rules per FIFA.

Eligible players are those whose names appear on the team’s roster at check-in, are registered through the State association, have proper player passes and medical release forms.

Loan players can be added only with the approval of the Tournament Committee. A player may only play for one team during the tournament.

Team must check in with the Field Marshall 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off. Game time is forfeit time.


A. Teams and their spectators shall sit on one side of the field and the other team on the opposite side. The home team shall take the North or East side of the field. If there is a jersey color conflict, the home team must change. Teams are responsible for cleaning up trash on their sideline after each game.

B. Players must wear numbers on their uniforms and the numbers must coincide with the team’s roster. The home team shall provide the game ball if one is not provided by the Field Marshall.

C. Acceptable uniform consists of a shirt, shorts, socks shin guards and shoes. No cut off sweats or boxer type shorts can show below the uniform shorts. SHINGUARDS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS. Slatted style shin guards must have all slats in place. All shin guards must be covered COMPLETELY with socks. NO JEWERLY WILL BE WORN. No casts or splints are allowed in the games.

D. The following are the ball, game duration and team size. (A RUNNING CLOCK WILL BE USED UNLESS THE REFEREE DETERMINES OTHERWISE):

Age Group Ball Size Game Length Team Format
U10 4 20 min halves 8v8
U11 4 25 min halves 8v8
U12 4 25 min halves 11v11
U13 – U14 5 30 min halves 11v11


A. Substitutions without limit may be made with the referee’s permission:

  1. After a goal.
  2. At the beginning of the second half of play or prior to the beginning of an overtime period.
  3. At a goal kick for either team.
  4. At a throw-in by the team in possession.

B. Limited substitutions may be made for an injury, with the referee’s permission. In case of stoppage of Play for an injury, teams may substitute on a one-for-one basis for the injured player.

C. Substitutions will take place at mid-field and the substitute will not enter the field until the replaced player has left the field.

For purposes of the tournament, a goal keeper shall be deemed to have full possession per FIFA rules.


A. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their spectators on the field. ALL COACHES AND PLAYERS WILL REMAIN WITHIN THE MARKED COACHES BOXES AT ALL TIMES (If not marked, the box is assumed to be the diameter of the center circle.

B. Referees must report red cards to the Field Marshall for inclusion in the game report and shall complete the USYS-AZ Misconduct Report for all red cards issued.

C. The Tournament D&A Committee shall review all reports and determine if further actions are necessary. The Tournament D&A Committee will return the passes when the penalty has been completed. If the penalty has not been completed, the Tournament D&A Committee shall send the offending player/coach pass and the Misconduct Report to the USYS-AZ D&A Committee.


Any player/ordered from the field of play (red card) will not be allowed to play/coach in the next game, at a minimum. The player/coach card will be turned in with the game report. Further suspension or action may be deemed appropriate by the Tournament Director and the D&A Committee depending on the nature of the offense. If the player or coach is allowed to continue in the Tournament, the player/coach pass will be returned at head quarters prior to the next eligible game. All red card reports and confiscated passes occurring during he team’s last game of the tournament go to the State Association. Coached are responsible for controlling their players and fans.




A. Six (6) points for a win; three (3) for a draw; zero (0) points for a loss.

B. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for each goal, up to a maximum of three (3), regardless of whether the scoring teams wins, loses or draws.

C. One (1) bonus point will be awarded for a shutout, except for a 0-0 draw.

D. Should any team forfeit, the opposing team shall be awarded ten (10) points. Depending upon the circumstances, the forfeiting team may be barred from future CDO CLASSIC Tournaments, and WILL BE REPORTED TO THEIR STATE ASSOCIATION.




If a tie exists after all games in the flight are completed, the following methods, in the order listed below will be used to resolve the tie:

  1. Head to head competition.
  2. The team with the fewest number of goals allowed.
  3. The team with the most goals scored, up to a maximum of three (3) per game.
  4. Kicks from the mark. Kicks will be taken in accordance with FIFA rules until a winner has been declared.

In three team groups or to break a three way tie: 

A tie between the 1st and 2nd place team, or the 2nd and 3rd place team, kicks from the mark will determine the final standings in the group. In the unlikely event of a three way tie, all three teams roll dice, the highest score advances as group winner, the lower two scores perform kicks from the mark to determine 2nd place.

Ties at the end of regulation will be resolved only for semifinal and championship games. Ties for semifinal games will be settled by kicks from the immediately following the end of regulation play with the players on the field when the final whistle blows – no substitutions may be made after the final whistle, although a team may swap goalkeepers provided the second keeper was playing on the field at the final whistle.

Ties for championship games will be settled by playing two ten (10) minute Golden Goal overtime periods and then by kicks from the mark with the players on the field at the end of the second overtime period. 


All the awards will be given out immediately following the last game or following the last game where team placement can be determined for each flight at the field site.

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