Swedesboro-Woolwich Soccer Association

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Can I mail my registration vs. registering online?
(A) Yes, the SWSA has migrated to the online registration format to make it more convenient for all but you can mail it in to our P.O. Box.

(Q) If my child trys out for a traveling team and doesn't make a team, can they play in another program?
(A) Yes, your child will have the option to play in our YDP program.

(Q) Do I have to mail a copy of my child's birth certificate?
(A) No: 
    -if your child will be trying out for a traveling team, your child must bring a copy of their birth certificate and a notorized medical release form to the try-outs.
    -if your child registered in the Pee Wee, Micro, or YDP program a copy of their birth certificate is not required.

(Q) Is the Medical Release Form required to be notorized?
(A) No
    -travel players/teams are not required to notorized MRF but they must be handed in at tryouts.
    -for all other programs, accepting the acknowledgement form during registration is the only requirement. 

(Q) My child plays with an older age groups and the system will not allow me to sign for the older division. How do I sign my child up for the older group?
(A) SWSA registration is designed t
o sign up for a specific age/gender group. If your child plays in an older group and that option is not available during registration, you will need to contact your club administrator so that the child can be placed in the older age group.

(Q) Can my son/daughter play up an age group?
(A) We encourage children to play in their correct age group, but if they are not challenged in their age
group then we do allow the child to play up one age group.

I have a child who is U8 age group and I would like them to try out for travel.  What happens if they do not make a traveling team?
  • They have two options:
    • Option 1: they can play in the micro group.
    • Option 2: they can play in our local rec/ YDP in house program.  They will be refunded for the uniform and any difference between the cost of travel registration and the division they are going to play.

-I have a U8 son/daughter who wants to play full sided(11 v 11) soccer(U11 and older)

  • New Jersey Youth Soccer --U-8 Players may NOT play on a full sided 11v11 team.

-I have a U9 son/daughter who want to play full sided(11 v 11) soccer(U11 and older)

  • New Jersey Youth Soccer --U-9 Players may NOT play on a full sided 11v11 team.

-I have a U10 son/daughter who want to play full sided(11 v 11) soccer(U11 and older)

  • New Jersey Youth Soccer --U-10 Players MAY play on full sided team but only the U-11 age and majority of the players on team must be U-11

(Q) Does SWSA offer U8 travel soccer programs?
(A) SWSA does offer U8 travel program. Your child can register and try-out for the U8 travel team(s).

(Q) What is the Mandatory Municiple Field Usage Fee?
(A) Each player and each sport is required by the Township to charge a $5 field usage fee.

(Q) The site says there are no available programs for my child - what do I do now?
This means that registration has closed or that your son/daughter is not eligible to participate based on birth date or gender requirements set by the organization. You will need to contact the organization directly to find out if registration is still available for your child.
Note: Sometimes this will happen if the child's birth date is set incorrectly. You can check this by going to your account screen by clicking on "My Account" and then clicking on "Edit" next to your child's name. (See "How can I edit any of my account or participant information?")

(Q) I already have an account - how do I register my son/daughter for the upcoming season?
You only need to make one account and you can continue to use that account for both future registrations and for more children!

  1. Click on the “Login” button that is located in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  2. Enter your username and password and click on “Login.” 
  3. Once you have logged into your account, click on the “Register Now” button.
  4. This will bring up a list of all available programs for each participant in your account. Place a check mark in the box next to the program you wish to select and click next to proceed with registration. 
  5. Fill in all required fields and select your desired method of payment once you reach the checkout screen. 
  6. If you are paying by credit card, make sure that all information on the checkout screen matches your card’s billing information. 
  7. Click “Submit” to process the registration. 
  8. You will receive an order confirmation email once the registration has been submitted

(Q) How do I receive a refund?
(A) To request a cancellation or refund, please contact your club’s administration directly. All refunds will be provided by check.

(Q) Is my order complete?
You can make sure that your order is complete by logging into your account and checking your order history. Make sure you have an order number and check whether or not you have an open balance.

(Q) What kind of computer equipment do I need to have in order to submit a registration online?
Blue Sombrero supports ALL major browsers including: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

(Q) Can I get a refund if my son/daughter decides not to play for SWSA?
A Travel Registration Fee paid is refundable upon written request to the Board and in accord with following schedule:

-          100% refund up until evaluations/tryouts begin.

-          $30 will be withheld from refunds requested after tryouts have begun and until June 15 to cover the time and expense of conducting tryouts.

-          Travel teams will be announced on or about June 1 and no refunds will be granted beyond
June 15.

-A Pee-Wee, Micro or YDP Registration Fee is 100% refundable until August 1.
-Should extenuating circumstances such as a move out of town or injury occur prior to the start of SWSA's practice schedule (August 1) a refund may be requested and granted by a majority vote by the SWSA Board.

(Q) What if there is not enough players in my son/daughters age group?

(A) We will try to find a place in our program for your son/daughter to play. If there are not enough players in your son/daughters age group we will refund you your registration and uniform cost.

(Q) Does SWSA offer soccer training to travel teams?
All travel teams receive one session of soccer training per week in the fall from professional soccer trainers during your son/daughters scheduled practice night. 

(Q) Do I need to give out my email address?
(A) Yes, you will need to give your email address for registration. Your email address will be used for SWSA to give out important information. Coaches will also do most if not all correspondence through email.