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What are the seasons for soccer and how often do I register?
Redoubt Soccer has fall and spring soccer seasons. Typically, the fall season begins the first week in September and the spring season begins the first week in March. Seasons run for 8-9 weeks. Registration usually begins approximately 6 weeks prior to the first game.  Check our calendar and announcements for registration dates.

What are the office hours?
We would like to have “office hours” for people to contact someone for Redoubt. However, we are all volunteer parents and cannot always be at the main Redoubt office. If you would be interested in volunteering to be in the office (heat and air) during your child’s practice time, contact us at askredoubt@redoubtsoccer.com . Because we are volunteers, responses for phone messages and e-mails will be returned as soon as possible.

What are the fees?
Redoubt maintains the complex through generous sponsorships and player fees. 
U4 & U6 ELFS online fees are $100.  Paper registration/walk up fees are $110 The fee covers a uniform jersey, end of season trophy, end of season party at the complex (pizza & inflatables).
U8 - U14  online fees are $120.  Paper registration/walk up fees are $130.  The fee covers uniform jersey, shorts & socks, referee fees, end of season tournament, trophy & pizza.  See what is the uniform? for further information.  Late fees will incur a $20 fee this year.

How can I become a Coach or Volunteer?
You can approach any board member personally with an indication of your willingness to volunteer. Contact us at (423)899-4180 or askredoubt@redoubtsoccer.com.
Our coaches are a very important volunteer asset to Redoubt.  Prior to each season beginning, a coach’s meeting is held in which the Director of Coach and Player Development will provide information about recreational coaching techniques.  Examples of soccer drills to develop passing, receiving, dribbling, shooting, ball control, defending and tactical ability will be provided. 

How will I be placed on a team?
Redoubt operates under a draft system in order to ensure that our teams are as equally matched as possible. We try to accommodate requests for children that car pool and parents who wish to coach their own children. We are limited to a few requests per team in order to maintain the balance on the teams.

How will I find out what team I am on?
You should hear from your coach after their coaches draft/meeting and  prior to the practice start date. At the draft, all team assignments are finalized and coaches will receive their rosters. Coaches will begin to notify parents regarding practice days/times by phone. Please allow them up to a week to contact you. If you still have not been contacted by a coach, please call Redoubt Soccer at (423)899-4180 or askredoubt@redoubtsoccer.com. Please let your coach know if you do not check e-mails frequently so they can make sure you receive all information on a timely basis.

Can I make team requests?
Unfortunately, when coaches, players and/or parents start choosing up whole teams, the teams can become unbalanced--this isn’t much fun and defeats the purpose of our recreational program. Additionally, one of the benefits of recreational soccer is making new friends, experiencing new coaches and new techniques.

When will I get the game schedule?
The game schedule will be determined after the teams have been drafted.  Expect the game schedule to be posted on the website the week before games begin.
Can my child play U4 if he/she turns 3 during the season?
If your child is 2 years old on August 1, 2013 but turns 3 before before the season ends  he or she may play on a U4 team as long as a parent or guardian coaches the team.  We ask this because of their young age.  We typically have 2 coaches per U4 team.  It’s a lot of fun!

What are the times and days of practices?
Depending on the work or personal schedules of our coaches, they will pick the best days and times they can be at the field. Practice days for U8 and up are typically Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings. A minimum of one practice is held per week beginning one to two weeks prior to the season beginning and during the season. However, some coaches may have 2 practices per week at the beginning. Practices times usually run 1 hour from 5:45-6:45 & 6:45-7:45. 
ELFS (Early League For Soccer) also known as U4 & U6 will have practice on the same day of the game on Saturday. They will have 30 minute practice and then immediately play a game for 30 minutes.
Remember practice is vital towards learning new soccer skills and team spirit.

What happens during the event of inclement weather?
If the weather is questionable, or there was heavy rain anytime within the 48 hours prior to your game or practice, please check the Redoubt Soccer website. The website and phone will be updated by 4 pm on weekdays and 7 am on Saturdays. If there is no message on the internet indicating a change in schedule due to bad weather, please assume that practices will be held or games will be played as scheduled. On game day, if the weather worsens, the referee may be forced to make a call upon arrival to the field. Phone message will be updated (423)899-4180.  You may also sign up for Rainedout.com to receive a text message or email when fields close. 
If a game is called for inclement weather, the game will be made up following our rain-out schedule the following week typically during the regularly scheduled practice time on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings for teams U8 and up. ELFS game will be made up on Sunday the following week.

What is the refund policy?

There is a $10 administration fee that is charged on all refunds. If you request a refund prior to the first game, the registration fee will be refunded in full, less the administration fee. If you received a uniform, it must be returned before the refund will be issued. No refunds will be issued after the first week of games.  All refund requests must be addressed in writing to the Treasurer and must be made no later than after the first game week.  All requests must be made in writing via e-mail to askredoubt@redoubtsoccer.com   PLEASE NOTE> If you registered on-line, the additional card-processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you registered late, the late fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  Only the actual registration fees are subject to refund. Please allow 3 - 6 weeks to process all refund requests.

Do you have a discount for siblings?
Yes, the family maximum fee is reached with your third child and currently is $250. The children must all live in the same household and must all be able to be claimed on your taxes.

What is the uniform?
Each season (fall and spring) registered players for the U4 & U6 (ELFS) will be given a team jersey only. Shin guards & socks are required for this age group.  Soccer cleats are not required, athletic shoes are acceptable.

Who are the referees?
We are participating in a recreational league. This is where the referees get their start and learn how to referee. They have all taken an extensive weekend course on refereeing and have played soccer themselves. They love the game and want to do their best for your games. However, if you see problems with calls, etc., please let the Director of Referees know so that we can use that as a teachable moment. We require that ALL criticism to be left off the field.  Remember this is a fun league too!   

What size ball do I need?
For practices you should have your own soccer ball in the appropriate size. ELFS is a 3 and U8 - U12 a 4 size ball, U14 & up size 5 ball.

What else do I need?
Appropriate soccer shin guards are mandatory. Players without shin guards may not practice or play in games. Shin guards must be worn under the socks. Players must always bring water to each practice and game. No jewelry or metal hair bands of any kind are permitted. Earrings must be removed prior to the start of any practice or game; they cannot be taped over. Plaster or metal casts may not be worn for practices or games.  Soft wraps worn for support are ok. Soccer cleats are the footwear required for U8 and up.

What is expected of spectators?  
It is up to the coach to notify the Commissioner of their age group if a parent is consistently disruptive to the game and the enjoyment of the other players and parents. Parents need to speak positively to all players and let the coach mentor the kids in a way that will keep up their confidence.

Will my child have an end of season “tournament”?
The Redoubt Rally is our end of season tournament for U8 and up.  We feel the U4 and U6 age group is still mastering the fundamentals of the sport, so they play regular games this day.

Do the players receive trophies?
At the end of the season, all players will receive a trophy for participation. Pictures will be available if you had your players photo taken earlier in the season.

Do volunteers need a back ground check? 
Yes, every volunteer at Redoubt MUST complete an online volunteer disclosure form.  Click on the link provided Tennessee State Soccer Volunteer Disclosure Link

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