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Summer 7v7 - Tuesday o30 and Thursday Open

MTSA’s summer 7v7 league offers two levels of play in each division.  Open division play on Thursday nights and over 30 plays on Tuesday nights.   If you are an individual and wish to play in this league, please contact the league commissioner Jill Condon before you sign up to be put in touch with a current team.  If you have an entire team that wishes to play, please also contact Jill to reserve your spot.  The league will be limited to 8 teams in each division.


The over 30 division is FULL.  No additional teams can be accommodated at this time.  There is still space for more teams in the Thursday night Open division.


 More information about the Summer 7v7 League:

Age: 18+ for open division.  30 years and older for o30s.  Females 18 years and older playing o30s do not count against the under age player rule.  Each over 30 team may have ONE player age 27 to 30.  Your age for the purposes of our leagues is your age at the end of this year. 

Format: 7v7, 44 minutes (One Referee per match) Unlimited subs on the fly

Price: $70 for players who were registered with MTSA since September of the previous year. An additional $15 fee will be charged for new players who have not been registered with MTSA in the past Spring or Fall seasons.  This fee is to cover insurance fees for new players.

Schedule: All regular season games will be played on a Tuesday nights for over 30 and Thursday nights for Open.  Make up games may be scheduled on other days of the week including weekends depending on game cancellations due to weather.  Sunday nights have been reserved for make-up games.

MTSA does not reschedule matches by request.  Games may be rescheduled by MTSA at any time.  League policy is 2 hours notice for any field location change, and 1 weeks notice on any time changes.

Summer 2013: The season will start on May 28/30th and will conclude by August 8th.  There will be no games the week of July 2/4 nor July 23/25.  The fields will be closed for maintenance.

Games: 8 guaranteed games per season.
*NOTE: The season will end by the date noted above. Every team will be scheduled to play 10 games during the regular season. MTSA will make every effort to get all 10 games in but recognizes that we must have an end date to the season and cannot guarantee every team will get 10 games. Unusually bad weather, filed closures and other circumstances may be beyond our control.

: Summer league games will be scheduled for Rose Park (Nashville) and Fellowship Bible Church (Brentwood).

Guest Players: A team may use up to 2 guest players for any match played including the play offs.  The guest player must pay a fee of $10 to play in each game.  Cash is the only accepted form of payment and will be due to the field marshal up to game time.  A guest player can be any player who was registered with MTSA in the previous year. The field marshal will have a list of all MTSA registered players and your name must appear on this list in order to be eligible to play as a guest player. 

Rules: League Rules

Registration: Player registration opens 4 weeks before the start of the season and will close 1 week before the start of the season as noted above.  Late registration is open to new players throughout the entire season.  After the 3rd game of the season, a new player’s registration will be prorated by the following formula: $25+$4 remaining in the season.  All late registrations must be completed before the 3 days prior the game in which the late registrant wishes to play.  No exceptions will be made to get players on the roster after the noted deadline.

Refunds: MTSA considers itself a non-refundable service provider.  However, requests for refunds may be made in writing to the league for consideration by emailing the Executive Director.  Full refunds are only available if a player requests the refund prior to the close of regular registration.  If a player requests a refund after regular registration has closed, a refund of $5 per game remaining in the season may be given.  Refunds will be evaluated on a case by case basis and prorates will be based on the time the request is received.

Mission: The mission of the MTSA is to foster fair and competitive play, while at the same time utilizing the highest level of sportsmanship.  The League continually looks to add additional teams and also looks to partner with the greater Williamson and Davidson Counties and the Middle Tennessee business community for support, networking and sponsorship opportunities.

Summer League Contacts:

Summer League Commissioner: Jill Condon

O30 Field Marshal:  Daniel Cordero

Open Field Marshal:  Robin Motter

2012 Summer League Champions:

Over 30 (Tuesday): Division 1 - Rangers

Over 30 (Tuesday):Division 2 - Villa

Open (Thursday):Division 1 -Franklin Fireballs
No photo available

Open (Thursday):Division 2 -Jarochos

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