Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Partners




No good business goes through life without some excellent partners.  We are thankful for the visionary people and empowering relationships that have come accross our path.

adidas America and adidas Soccer:  Our partnership with adidas to be the exclusive provider of online registration for adidas clubs nationwide, is a powerful partnership which began in the fall of 2004.  Adidas has long been the worldwide leader in soccer and we are proud to offer our service to their clubs.  We think it is a perfect example of how adidas is going above and beyond the call to understand and help clubs with all of their needs.

Valued Vendors

Bank of America:

One of the World's leading financial services companies, Bank of America provides individuals, small business and comercial, and coorporate as well as institutional clients accross the United States and around the world new and better ways to manage their financial lives.

Network Solutions:

Network Solutions, the first and largest registrar of domain names allows us to go right to the source for domain name registry and hosting with no middle men.  Through our business relationship and volume, we hold VIP status that allows us to set your site up with speed and efficiency


Verisign operates the systems that manage .cpm and .net, handling 14 billion Web and email lookups every day.  They run one of the largest telecom signaling networks in the world, enambling services such as cellular roaming and text messaging.

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