Thursday, October 27, 2016

Blue Sombrero Support Team





(Loyal Chilean Fans Offer Their National Team Moral Support)


We built this company to make the lives of administrators less stressful and support is crucial to that pledge.    Though we knew that building this application was going to take a huge burden off the daily tasks that an administrator faces, it was also going to create some additional work, namely, technical questions from parents registering.  It doesn’t matter how well an application is built there will always be parents that don’t feel comfortable with technology.  We believe it is the responsibility of the service company to take accountability for those support questions. 


The great news is that by listening to our customers and implementing their suggestions we have increased our registration success rate by first time users to 90%.  Along with administrator feedback, measuring our success rate is a driving factor in how we simplify the process.  We measure and track every phone call, every email and every communication with parents and administrators, and because we take the time and resources to do that our service has been streamlined into the easiest to use registration application available. 


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Administrative support is a priority for every one of our support specialists.  We have our knowledgeable support team take time out to walk and talk administrators through every step of the service at any point in the year.  We want you to feel like masters of your domain and we will spend the time and resources to help you get there. 

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